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The easiest solution for you Austin traffic ticket

If you are a resident of Austin Texas who is looking for an easy and cost effective way of dealing with your Austin traffic ticket then you have come to the right page. In this post we are going to tell you everything about the consequences of getting an Austin traffic ticket and the best solution. Even a minor traffic offence in Austin can land you in serious trouble – it can adversely impact your present job, make it difficult for you to find a new one and most importantly take a toll on your bank account. The reasons for being presented with a traffic ticket in Austin are increasing by the day and extending to how we behave within our vehicles or operate them. Driving over speed limit, texting or talking on the phone while driving are just a few of the reasons why you might be given a Austin traffic ticket. However if you want to avoid the long and serious consequences of a traffic ticket in Austin then you need to get hold of an experienced traffic law attorney who would help you out of the situation.

Consequences of getting an Austin traffic ticket

Having violations on your driving records can lead to serious and lasting consequences. Every ticket you get would imply greater points on your driving license. When you have too many points your driving license might be totally invalidated till all the points are restores. Every ticket you receive would automatically raise the expenses of your vehicle insurance which isn’t going to go down for the next 5 years. The only option you would be left with is to go for one of those driver education courses which would cost a lot of time and money. Moreover people with commercial driving license definitely need to keep their driving records clean in order to hold on to their jobs.

A quick look at the drivers license point system would help you understand the matter. You get 0 points for speeding less than 10 mph over the speed limit. You will also get 0 points for seatbelt violation. You will get 2 points for moving the violation conviction within Texas or any other state. You get 3 points for moving violation conviction which occurred within Texas or any other state.

How can Kelly McMahan Law help you out?

Kelly McMahan a well established attorney of Austin has long years of experience in handling hundreds of Austin traffic tickets cases for her clients. With Kelly McMahan as your attorney you can be sure to avail the smoothest possible solution for your Austin traffic tickets. She would work promptly on your case and ensure that your get to save your time and money, keep away the tickets from your driving record, prevent the vehicle insurance cost from rising and prevent you from getting further points on your driving license. Kelly McMahan’s firm would take all sorts of class C misdemeanor cases such as, minor in possession or consumption, driving without seat-belt, open container, class C possession or theft, disorderly conduct and any other kind of traffic related offences. She would readily furnish her clients with all the necessary info regarding the Texas points system and traffic license suspension in Austin. Call her at 512 843 2889 to discuss your case or visit for further information.

Class C violations in Austin

Whenever your case gets assigned to the Justice of Peace or the municipal court it would be termed as a Class C Misdemeanor. These are nothing but regular Austin traffic tickets issued for different kinds of moving violation. However, they could also imply offences like DUI (driving under influence), DWLI (driving while license invalid), theft, assault, public intoxication or possession. A charge like this definitely needs to be contested by an experienced lawyer since they can have a real adverse impact on your job or school eligibility. Kelly McMahan’s firm would take all cases of class C violation and make sure that your case is properly represented in the court so that there isn’t a single negative item on your driving record. Call 512 843 2889 and talk to Kelly McMahan Law about your specific case.

Occupational Drivers License

Essential Needs Licenses also known as Occupational Drivers Licenses are usually issued for individuals to help them operate a special vehicle or equipment around their home, at work or at any other time. For many residents of Austin this kind of license is extremely important for their work. Many people still don’t know that even a person who is not eligible for regular driving license can still go for occupational licenses. Moreover people who are new in the state also needs to apply for a Texas issued driving license. However the process of licensing is a tedious one which would demand a lot of your time. Kelly McMahan’s Law firm would make sure that you are in proper standing with the license bureau of the state and that you get the license in your hand within the shortest possible span of time.

Traffic Warrants

When presented with a traffic ticket most of us tend to shove it away in the dash board and forget it. When your old traffic warrants start to pile up you run the risk of invalidating your driving license. Moreover you might end up in the lockup in case you have outstanding warrants. If you have Austin traffic tickets piling up in your glove box then what you need to do is call Kelly McMahan Law at 512 843 2889 and find the easiest solution.

Never plead guilty when presented with an Austin traffic ticket since its best to leave the job for an experienced attorney. Before you take any serious decision call Kelly MCMahan who would help you out of the trouble by lowering the points in your driving records. Call 512 843 2889 and talk to their expert attorneys for the best way to deal with your Austin traffic ticket.