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Traffic tickets can be quite the hassle to deal with, especially when you’re talking about Austin. Austin’s downtown traffic is hectic, making it treacherous to drive while coming back home from work. Anything can happen. You can drive down the road and suddenly see an incident where you have to react to quickly. You can even drive slow and still experience someone coming out of nowhere that gets in your path. Therefore, Kelly McMahan Law is here for you. Traffic violations aren’t convictions. We’ll give you the chance to make your voice heard when acquiring our services.

A lawyer at our firm sill help you avoid long-term consequences. Kelly McMahon can assist with class C misdemeanor cases. Her firm wants to protect your driving record and keep your driving privileges on the road. She has taken it upon herself to keep Texans on the road. Because of misconduct from our justice system, your case can ironically be unjust. Let’s face it. The justice system isn’t perfect. Moreover, people can get mistreated when trying to seek an appeal. Kelly McMahan defends your case against traffic tickets, so you don’t have to.

Traffic warrants can also make your license invalid. People usually forget about old tickets or fail to take care of them on time. As you may know, you can become subject to arrest if you have outstanding warrants. Kelly McMahan Law can help you. Tickets not taken care of only becomes a more significant issue down the road. Kelly E. McMahan is a resident of Texas and dedicates her time to Texans in the area. She’s here to make sure you’re getting tickets off of your driving record as well as prevent increases from your insurance costs. When it comes to a person, who can get the job done, look no further than Kelly E. McMahan.

Call for Class C Violations

Class C violations can be quite challenging to get passed. These violations can include but not limited to, no seatbelts, disorderly conducts, minor in possession, theft, assault, and other traffic-related offenses. Fortunately, Kelly E. McMahan has covered many counties, accruing more than enough experience to handle your misdemeanor professionally. As a licensed attorney, she makes it her job to be by your side in your unfortunate circumstance. The charges of crimes vary and happens more often than you might think. Her firm can find ways to keep you on the road after your misdemeanor resolves.

For example, Occupational Drivers Licenses are an alternate option if your license gets suspended. With this type of license, you’ll still be able to operate a vehicle for work, around your property, or operate specialized vehicles for your occupation. As a lot of Texans know, you need a car to get anywhere, especially in Austin. You’ll be eligible for this license if your vehicle is an absolute necessity for your everyday tasks. We use our cars to maintain our position at work. Without a car, it can be virtually impossible for some people to attain the necessary funds to live. With that in mind, contact us if you’re having traffic ticket trouble. We’ll get you back on the road in no time.