About Kelly

Attorney Kelly E. McMahan is a life-long resident of Texas. She graduated from Texas Christian University, where she majored in History and minored in English. She then went to Texas Wesleyan School of Law and graduated in May of 2010. She took the July 2010 Texas Bar Exam, then moved directly to Austin. She is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas, and helps clients as an Austin Traffic Court Lawyer, defending clients charged with class C misdemeanors.


Austin Traffic Court Lawyer

Kelly McMahan is an Austin traffic court lawyer who has handled hundreds of tickets for her clients. She enjoys making the entire process, from receiving the ticket to its ultimate resolution, as easy and stress-free as possible for her clients. Her goals are to save you time and worry, keep tickets off of your driving record, keep insurance costs from increasing, and to keep your license from being suspended.

Kelly McMahan and her firm will take all class C misdemeanor cases, including Minor in Possession, Minor in Consumption, Open Container, No Seatbelt, Disorderly Conduct, Class “C” Theft, Class “C” Possession, Assault and most traffic-related offenses. If you need an Austin Traffic Court Lawyer, Kelly can provide the information you are needing. She is one of the best traffic ticket attorney in Austin TX. Contact her today to discuss your cases.

Traffic Attorney in the Austin area. Kelly McMahan has years of experience as a traffic ticket attorney. As a CDL Ticket Attorney she specializes in defending clients charged with Class C misdemeanors. She takes pride in being a CDL Ticket Lawyer. Finding Lawyers for Suspended License can be hard and having your licensed suspended can even be more stressful. Some traffic violation attorneys don’t care about the case or the outcome of the case but, Kelly McMahan does. She is traffic warrants lawyer that is very passionate about her clients and cases. Kelly McMahan will get your Driver License Suspension  reinstated and you’ll be driving again in no time.