Are you trying to find the right Driver License Suspension Hearing Attorney to help you with your specific case? If you have a suspended or revoked drivers license, you might have some questions about what needs to happen next. If you’re ready to start handling this in the best way possible, Kelly McMahan Law can provide you with the legal assistance you need and deserve.

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Living in Austin is a great experience, and if you’re currently in this city, you know how important it is to be able to drive freely. You may have children who count on you to shuttle them around town for their numerous activities. Perhaps you have a full-time job on top of a medley of responsibilities and hobbies that you pursue at night and on the weekends. Whatever the case might be, chances are you’re someone who depends on your right to drive.

Because of this, having a suspended or revoked license can cause your lifestyle to come to a grinding halt out of nowhere. If you’re unable to legally transport yourself around Austin, you may find yourself struggling to get things done on a regular basis. Because of this, it’s important to handle your license suspension as soon as you possibly can. This can be done by reaching out to Kelly McMahan Law.

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There are a plethora of reasons why your license might become suspended. Have you had four moving violations over a twelve-month period? If so, the court could deem you to be a “habitual” violator of the law and suspend your license. In addition to this, you might also face a suspension due to a drug charge or even a mere drug paraphernalia charge. If you aren’t aware of your suspension and you are pulled over after it’s taken place, you could face an even longer period of time on your suspension because of this.

Keep in mind that there are instances where drivers don’t realize they’re driving with a suspended license. If you’re unaware of this, there are many circumstances in which you’re able to negotiate some type of arrangement instead of immediately pleading guilty. This is something that happens more often than you think. Oftentimes, drivers are not regularly checking their record to see how many points they have on their license.

A good Driver License Suspension Hearing Attorney should be able to navigate the process of obtaining an Occupational Drivers License. Many citizens are unaware of this, but it’s a great resource to have if you don’t want your entire life to be interrupted by your license suspension. Are you worried about not being able to transport yourself to work and back? If you go to school full-time, you might be concerned about missing lectures and getting behind on coursework. If so, this license (also known as an Essential Needs License) will help you avoid this. With this, you’ll be able to legally drive to the essential places in your life.

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This is something that can greatly help you if you still need to be productive while you have a suspended or revoked license. However, it’s important to know that the issuing process can be tricky, and you’ll need a lawyer on your side to help you. In most cases, time is of the essence when trying to obtain this. Make sure you have the assistance you need by contacting our team when you’re trying to acquire an Occupational Drivers License.

Kelly McMahan is an attorney in Texas who can help you with your traffic tickets, violations, and class C misdemeanors. Born and raised in the Lone Star State, she graduated from the Texas Wesleyan School of Law in 2010 after completing her undergraduate at Texas Christian University. She has handled hundreds of cases involving traffic tickets, and she will make sure you have the legal expertise you need to handle yours.

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Our team is proud to take on all class C misdemeanors for our clients. We’re always trying to help people understand their situations and learn how to navigate them in the most stress-free way possible. Our team works hard on our clients’ behalf to make sure everyone has a chance at receiving a favorable outcome. This can be a scary situation to handle, and people need to have a team of experts around to assist them when it gets tough. With Kelly McMahan on your side, you’ll be able to have a full understanding of your circumstance and plan ahead accordingly.

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Finding the right Driver License Suspension Hearing Attorney for your specific situation isn’t always easy. You’re going to want to take time to weigh your options and find the right lawyer for your circumstance, but Kelly McMahan continues to stand out from the crowd. For more information on our services, contact us at (512) 843-2889 for a consultation. Our staff is eager to work with you to figure out a solution for your class C misdemeanor.

Facts About the City of Austin

  • Austin is the capital of Texas. It lies within the Travis, Hays, and Williamson counties. It’s also the fourth most populous city in the Lone Star State. It is the eleventh most populous city in all of America and the fastest growing community in the nation.
  • In the 1830s, pioneers and settlers began making this area their home. Years later, it replaced Houston as the new capital of Texas.
  • Our namesake comes from Stephen F. Austin, the man who is considered to be the father of Texas.
  • Austin is the live music capital of the world. Our diverse community has a plethora of musicians and artists who are trying to contribute to our culture.
  • If you love all genres, Austin City Limits could be a great experience for you. This is a yearly festival that takes place in our town. Every year, citizens and music lovers come together to celebrate the biggest names in music.