Austin Traffic Ticket Lawyer


In Central Texas, driving is a part of daily life, and the more we drive, the higher the probability of getting a traffic ticket. The reasons for being cited for a traffic violation are increasing all the time and extending to both how we operate our vehicles and how we behave inside them. Whether you’ve been ticketed for driving over the speed limit, reckless driving or texting or talking while driving, there are many advantages to hiring an experienced Austin traffic lawyer to defend your case.

Your first thought may be to admit guilt and pay the fine to get it over with. However, there are lasting consequences to having violations on your driving record. Each ticket means more points on your drivers license. With enough points, your driving privilege can be suspended until the points are restored. Not only can your drivers license will be suspended but, also the cost of your car insurance may increase with each traffic ticket and stay increased for five years. At this point, the option is to pay for expensive drivers education courses that can take up to a day to complete, costing you time and money. Kelly McMahan, an Austin traffic lawyer, will help you fight your traffic citation from the beginning and avoid added costs and hassle.

With Kelly McMahan Law in your defense, you can trust that you have an expert in traffic law studying your unique situation and building the best case, whether it’s a speeding violation or reckless driving. It’s a common misconception that a traffic ticket is final and that the officer issuing the citation is always correct. The best case is formed after looking closely at everything from where the supposed violation took place to the steps taken when the officer stopped you.

Drivers License Point System

  • 0 Points – Seatbelt violation or speeding fewer than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit
  • 2 Points – Moving violation conviction in Texas or other state
  • 3 Points – Moving violation conviction that resulted in an accident in Texas or other state

Do not drive with Suspended Driver License. Call Kelly McMahan, CDL Best Lawyer in the Austin, Texas at (512) 843-2889 to discuss how your violation can be handled before it escalates to more costly and lengthy consequences.