Austin CDL Best Lawyer

Austin CDL Best Lawyer to call when your Commercial Driver’s License is at stake is Kelly McMahan.  Kelly McMahan’s law firm specializes in traffic-related crimes and has an intimate understanding of how to get traffic infractions reduced or dismissed entirely. When you cannot afford a ticket on your record, you must contact Austin CDL Best Lawyer Kelly McMahan.

If you drive for a living you understand that a ticket is a serious matter. Even violations that other people wouldn’t take seriously are important to somebody whose CDL makes earning a living possible. As a professional driver, you need the best representation possible when you are facing a traffic ticket. When you are charged with a traffic violation you need Austin CDL Best Lawyer!

You certainly don’t need points mounting up on your driving record that could lead to suspension of your driving privileges putting an end to your gainful employment. You know that even one or two tickets can make getting a job in this difficult job market even tougher than it already is. With so many people looking for work, a squeaky clean driving record is essential if you are to obtain a local job that pays well. That’s why you need to call Austin CDL Best Lawyer the first thing when you are issued a ticket.

Traffic Infractions and other Class C Misdemeanors are Expensive!

Not only does your own automobile insurance skyrocket when you have traffic tickets on your record, but your employer’s insurance rates will also go up. How long will the boss be willing to pay more for insurance coverage when drivers with clean records are all over Austin looking for work? Not long.

That’s why you need Kelly McMahan, Austin CDL Best Lawyer. Don’t wait until you have multiple tickets. You need to keep all driving infractions off your record. The only way to do that effectively is to retain Austin CDL Best Lawyer. When a lawyer specializes in a particular kind of law, he or she becomes very well versed in the way charges are handled. This information makes protecting you from an unnecessary ticket easier.

Remember: You are Innocent until Proven Guilty – Bring your Austin CDL Best Lawyer to Court with You.

Even in the case of a speeding ticket, you need Austin CDL Best Lawyer services in court with you to keep that first black mark off your permanent and very public driving record. You need an experienced and successful lawyer beside you in court who is familiar with the system and with the law. You must never go to court without an experienced Austin CDL Best Lawyer.

To protect your constitutional rights, you need proper representation. The law is tricky and those of us who have not spent years studying law can hurt our chances in court because we don’t know and understand the procedures practiced there. According to the Constitution of the United States, even if you are guilty, you must be afforded the best defense possible. Don’t try to represent yourself. Instead, call Austin CDL Best Lawyer Kelly McMahan, McMahan Law.