Occupational Driver’s Licenses for Special Vehicles

Kelly McMahan Law deals with quite a few different types of cases. From regular traffic tickets to traffic warrants and Class C violations, we handle all kinds of vehicle-related problems. One of those problems involves obtaining an Occupational Driver’s License, or an Essential Needs License. These licenses are specifically for vehicles or equipment that you may use around work or your own property.

One significant detail to bear in mind is that even if you are not eligible for a regular driver’s license, you may still obtain an occupational one for work. When you need help with the process of getting an Occupational Driver’s License, make sure you reach out to the most reliable Austin traffic lawyer in the city.

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Getting an Occupational Driver’s License

The process of getting one of these licenses can be challenging without the proper help. For starters, you will need to apply for a Texas-issued license to get going. If you have a project at home or hours at work to maintain, an Occupational Driver’s License is essential. Once you have that, you can freely operate special vehicles and equipment around work or your home.

This also saves you on the cost of hiring someone else to complete your home projects. Also, individuals with these licenses are more hirable for contracting companies looking for workers. However, it is important to remember that these licenses apply to special equipment and vehicles.

This means that they do not replace the need for a standard Texas driver’s license. For assistance with regular traffic tickets or traffic warrants, make sure to call us for that as well. If you accumulate too many tickets, a warrant can cause some real disruption in your life. With our help, you can avoid all of the headaches that come with traffic tickets and occupational driver’s licenses.

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