How Traffic Warrants Work

Traffic tickets are one of the most common reasons you’ll ever find yourself in court. However, when you let those tickets pile up, you may face a traffic warrant. This can dramatically increase your insurance rates and fines. When you face a traffic warrant or any traffic ticket, make sure you have Kelly McMahan Law in your corner.

Often times when we get a ticket, we’re so frustrated at the whole situation that we pocket the citation and forget about it for months. If you don’t handle a ticket for too long or build up too many, then the court issues a warrant against you. This means you can be arrested and brought to the court to take care of all outstanding traffic tickets.

Make sure to take care of those citations as soon as possible

What are the Consequences of a Warrant?

A traffic warrant means that officers will be looking for you to bring you to the court. Once at the court, you will have to pay any fines you may still owe, but it doesn’t stop there. If it’s your first offense, then you will likely have to pay an even larger fee. In some cases, your license may also be temporarily suspended. Regardless, these tickets will appear on your driving record, including the warrant that indicates that you did not pay them on time.

Reobtaining a suspended license is a drawn-out and complex process. During this time, you can not drive any vehicle, and things become a severe inconvenience. With Kelly McMahan Law, you obtain the perfect lawyer for getting your warrant dismissing or reducing fines. Our first suggestion is to make sure you get your traffic tickets taken care of promptly, so they don’t accumulate. We also recommend hiring an Austin traffic lawyer for those citations, as we can often convince the court to dismiss or reduce the fine.

Finally, If you do have a suspended license, we advise you to call us for that as well. Reinstating your license is a long and complex task, so you will need someone who has the expertise for it.

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