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Austin Traffic Attorney Kelly McMahan, McMahan Law, is standing by to protect your rights when you are ticketed for a driving violation. Even small, seemingly unimportant traffic tickets can build up on your record over time and eventually result in the loss of your driving privileges. The best way to protect your driver’s license is to keep your record clear of ALL tickets. That’s why you need an Austin Traffic Attorney when you get a ticket.

At McMahan Law, we understand that driving is a way of life in our society. To lose your driving privileges could spell disaster for your every-day activities. That’s why you need the best Austin Traffic Attorney to help you keep traffic tickets off your public record.

Traffic Stop

Traffic Violations Cost You in Many Way’s

Not only do traffic tickets earn you fines, and spell trouble for your driving privileges, they can also cause your insurance rates to skyrocket. You need not be convicted of DWI to have your insurance company penalize you for your driving habits. A good Austin Traffic Attorney will tell you that your driving record, which is a public document open for anybody to view, can be the source of higher insurance rates of all kinds.

But your driving record can harm you in other ways. Without an Austin Traffic Attorney to protect you, your record can paint an unflattering picture of you. For example, in this challenging job market, it is not unusual for prospective employers, loan officers, and others who want to see your character to look at your driving record. From that document, they believe they can tell whether or not you are a dependable person who follows the rules. Sadly, many driving records have convictions on them, which don’t reflect the kind of person the driver is. This happens when a person tries to represent himself in court.

Class C Traffic Violations

Most traffic tickets fall into class C violations.

Don’t Go To Court without an Austin Traffic Attorney

The Constitution protects you in many ways when it comes to the law. You are always presumed innocent until you are proven guilty in court. That doesn’t always happen, particularly if you try to represent yourself. An Austin Traffic Attorney like Kelly McMahan can preserve your right to presumptive innocence, and she can also be sure that you obtain the best defense available as the law provides. It takes an experienced lawyer to ensure that you have every benefit the law offers. If you’re not an Austin Traffic Attorney, you may not even know the benefits the law holds for you. For this reason, you should never go to court without an Austin Traffic Attorney by your side.

Laws are put in place to protect people. But laws can work against you if you don’t understand how and why they work the way they do. That’s why the Founding Fathers provided that you should have legal representation. You shouldn’t ever have to deal with undeserved traffic convictions. Call Kelly McMahan, Austin Traffic Attorney, to safeguard your rights and privileges when you go to court even for minor traffic problems.