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Are you in need of a Driver License Attorney but you’re not sure where to go or who to choose? You might be dealing with a suspended or revoked license and you’re trying to begin the process of reinstatement. If you’re dealing with traffic violations, warrants, or any other type of class C misdemeanor, Kelly McMahan Law can help.

If you’ve been issued a traffic ticket, you might have prosecutors and police officers pressuring you into pleading guilty. In most cases, these individuals only want to force you into paying a hefty fine or serving a lengthy prison sentence. Because of this, often times they employ complex intimidation tactics that make citizens believe that a guilty plea is the only way out of their situation.

Driver License Attorney Austin

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As we all know, pleading guilty is obviously a potential outcome for any case. However, you’re going to have to keep in mind all of the negative consequences that can come as a result. Are you an owner of a vehicle and you’re already unhappy with the cost of your auto insurance? If so, you may wind up paying even more after pleading guilty to a traffic violation or class C demeanor.

Something else you’ll have to worry about is a tarnished reputation. Each case is different, but no one wants to deal with these consequences infiltrating other aspects of life. Depending on your misdemeanor, you may end up not being able to enroll at your desired college or university. Certain businesses may not want to hire you, and then you’ll have to deal with employment you consider less than ideal even though you are otherwise qualified for the job of your dreams.

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Kelly McMahan Law takes on all class C misdemeanors. Our team is committed to helping you navigate this process and reach an outcome that is favorable to you. Getting a ticket or facing a legal charge can be very intimidating, and nobody wants to go through this alone. You’re going to need experts on your side who can save you time and worry while providing you with top notch service. If you’re looking for this, call us at 512-843-2889 to discuss your case.

When you plead guilty, you may have to worry about paying expensive fines. In addition to this, you might have to also deal with entering and completing a defensive driving course. Not only will you have to pay for this out of pocket, but these courses can take days to complete. Nobody wants to have to take off from work and interrupt their busy lifestyle to listen to information that was already learned and mastered years ago.

Are you dealing with a traffic warrant and now you need a Driver License Attorney to help you handle it? If so, you may be worried about being thrown in jail or paying a hefty fine that will completely decimate your bank account. Virtually all of us have experienced the frustration of being pulled over and issued a citation we don’t believe we deserve. While it can be easy to simply discard the ticket and move on with life as if it never happened, this can have severe consequences.

DWLI Lawyer in Austin

Tickets that are not handled in a timely manner will only get worse. If you have multiple citations that haven’t yet been paid or handled, you may be susceptible to your license getting suspended or revoked. In addition to this, you might also have a warrant issued against you. This can lead to increased fines, and in some cases, you may even have to serve a prison sentence. Not only will this take up valuable time in your schedule, but it will also ruin your driving record.

When you’re faced with these charges, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to move swiftly if you want to achieve a favorable outcome. Failure to do may cause your case to escalate. When this happens, you’ll be susceptible to costly, lengthy, and overall negative consequences. This could lead to a $250 fine, or it could cause you to be forced into a 6-month prison sentence. Each situation is different, and you’ll need to make sure you find the right team to handle your case as soon as possible.

Driver License Attorney Austin

Driver’s License Lawyer in Austin

Kelly McMahan understands the potential severity of a traffic violation. She and her team are ready to help you find a solution that makes sense for you. Born and raised in Texas, Kelly has been helping Texans handle their class C misdemeanors ever since graduating from Texas Wesleyan School of Law in 2010 and becoming an attorney. With experience with hundreds of different traffic tickets and misdemeanors, she understands what it takes to provide citizens with the legal representation they need and deserve.

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Hire the best Driver License Attorney in Austin by choosing Kelly McMahan to take on your case. Kelly and her team can provide you with expert legal advice that helps you get a better understanding of your situation and the necessary steps you’ll need to take moving forward. Call us today at 512-843-2889 for a consultation. We can begin working on your case and developing a solution. Together, we can work towards giving you the best chances at a favorable outcome.

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  • Austin is the capital of Texas. It is the fourth most populous city in the Lone Star State and the eleventh most in all of America.
  • There are a plethora of Fortune 500 companies that operate in our city. Corporations such as Amazon, Apple, Google, eBay, and Whole Foods all have offices right here in Austin.
  • Whole Foods Market was actually founded in Austin. This started out to be a small shop, but over the years it has turned into more. Today, it is the biggest brand in all of health foods.
  • Austin ranks first on Forbes’ 2016 list of Cities of the Future. Austinites are visionaries, and we’re proud to have citizens who care so much about maintaining and improving our communities.