Having an experienced Austin DUI Lawyer is a great of making sure your driving record doesn’t come back to haunt you. Failing to properly deal with your traffic record can lead to bigger problems down the road.

When it comes to your DUIs, making sure you follow protocol is your best bet to getting all issues resolved. Otherwise, you run the risk of even more serious consequences. One thing to note is that there are several misconceptions about what a DUI actually is.

Austin TX DUI Lawyer
Austin TX DUI Lawyer

Here at Kelly McMahan Law, we assist clients with issues dealing with the protection of your driving record and helping you avoid increased costs for auto insurance.

If you have traffic warrants that have been issued against you, contact Kelly McMahan for swift resolutions. Deal with your Texas traffic tickets of the best Austin TX DUI Lawyer around.

What Is a DUI?

While there are many perceptions of what a DUI really is, the real definition is actually quite simple. The acronym itself stands for “driving under the influence”. Furthermore, while it may seem like it refers to any license holder operating a vehicle, this term only focuses on drivers under the age of 21.

In these types of circumstances, the penalty is different and oriented to make sure that the driver doesn’t repeat this sort of action again. The charges are not as severe as a DWI. While you may experience over this offense showing up on your record, a good Austin DUI Lawyer can help set up a plan that sees your records sealed.


When someone is caught and charged with a DUI, it means they are underage and found driving with a detectable trace of alcohol in their system.

A DWI follows a slightly different protocol. Unlike in DUI cases, DWI charges can be brought upon a person of any age. Regulations demand that the blood alcohol content (BAC) be higher than .08 with strenuous punishments at higher levels, such as .15 and above.

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We’ll resolve your traffic case in no time

Keep in mind, even if the driver is underage, when BAC levels are above .15, they can also be charged with a DWI. While different, these two types of charges have one thing in common, they are fun for no one. The best form of action when facing these charges is with the help of an Austin DUI Lawyer.

Primary Services

Kelly McMahan Law specializes in Class C misdemeanors. With these types of charges, there is always a risk of them becoming more significant as time goes. If you want to make sure you prevent escalation, contact Kelly McMahan today.

Whether you’re dealing with traffic tickets, warrants, occupational driver’s licenses, and other Class C violations, Kelly McMahan Law is the team for you. Generally speaking, driving is essential to life Austin. That is why it’s imperative that you keep your driving record clean.

As the years go on, there are new rules to follow in order to prevent traffic citations. Whether it’s eating while driving or texting on the road, you never know when you’ll get pulled over.

Fortunately, Kelly McMahan is here to help. However, if you ignore your citations, you risk facing harsher penalties. Eventually, you’ll find that the threat of losing your license or getting arrested becomes all too possible. Not only will you have fines, but you’ll also face higher rates from your insurance company.

Traffic Tickets

Dealing with traffic tickets can be a smooth and seamless process with the services of Kelly McMahan Law. Whether you’re facing a speeding ticket or a DUI, Kelly will represent you with a great defense to make sure the citation is dismissed.

One thing to note is that the officer writing the citation is not always right. Furthermore, every traffic ticket can be contested. Kelly McMahan’s understanding of the traffic ticket system is extremely valuable when getting traffic tickets dismissed.

Traffic Warrants

Sometimes, people forget about unpaid tickets as they live through their busy lives. While forgetting stuff is normal, you’ll have to deal with these tickets sooner or later. Kelly McMahan has experience dealing with all types of traffic cases.

In some instances, the tickets pile up as you don’t have time to deal with them. If this happens to you and you need assistance resolving these issues, then Kelly McMahan Law is here to assist you with getting the warrant resolved.

Choosing the Right Austin TX DUI Lawyer

As a life-long resident of the state of Texas, Kelly McMahan has dedicated her career to resolving Class C misdemeanor cases in a stress-free and straightforward manner.

She graduated from Texan Christian University, majoring in History and minoring in English. Following this phase, she when on to attend Texas Wesleyan School of Law and graduated in 2010. Later that year, she passed the state’s Bar Exam and took her talents to Austin.

Kelly McMahan focuses on defending clients dealing with Class C misdemeanors. With hundreds of traffic cases under her belt, we have the expertise and confidence to handle these types of cases in the best way possible.

The goal here is to save our clients time and money while keeping the process smooth and stress-free. The Kelly McMahan Law Firm can help clients in the Austin area with:

DUI Lawyer 78748
Kelly E. McMahan, Attorney at Law. We handle tickets and criminal defense.
  • Minor in possession
  • Minor in consumption
  • Open container
  • No seatbelt
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Class “C” Theft
  • Class “C” Possession and Assault
  • Other traffic-related offenses

If you’re dealing with a Class C case that is not listed above, then reach out to us at your earliest convenience. We’ll listen to your case during your consultation and determine what course of action is most appropriate for your situation.

One more aspect that we can help with is the point system for your state license. This point system adds points to your record. These points determine how you’re punished the next time you get pulled over.

Resolve Your DUI Today

Kelly McMahan Law works to help clients have a clean driving record and a valid license. Call us at (512) 843-2889 or visit our services or locations webpages to learn more. Don’t’ settle for less. Choose the best Austin DUI Lawyer around.

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