Austin TX suspended license attorneys are here at Kelly McMahan Law to help you fight to keep you on the road. When it comes to class C violations in the Austin area, it can get pretty hectic. These violations are fine only offenses that are typically handled in municipal courts. However, repeated convictions can turn into higher penalties. In downtown Austin where traffic is heavy in the morning and during the day, fines can add up. Traffic violations, especially, are prevalent. Also, considering the amount of traffic tickets you can get for many instances, it can start to add up.

Downtown Austin is so abundant with people; it’s hard to find parking. A majority of the time, you’ll see someone park on the side of the road. However, it doesn’t mean they’re entirely safe from violation. The spot could be a no parking zone or meant for fire emergencies. During these instances, you can also get fined. If you combine the price of tickets with the cost of living in Austin, you can be looking at quite a hefty bill to pay off over time. However, Kelly McMahan Law is on your side.

Our attorneys fight to keep you on the road. Speeding tickets and other citations can take a real toll on your driving record. Hence, we’re here to do what we can to protect your reputation and get you out on the road again. Plus, if you let the speeding tickets pile up without taking care of them, you’ll most likely experience jail time. This is the last thing we want our clients to experience. Therefore, call Kelly McMahan Law to get your ticket settled as soon as possible. After all, a ticket is not a conviction.

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By having your lawyer back you, you can receive a more beneficial outcome than you were to get if you took care of your ticket yourself. Not to mention, you could potentially save more money in the long run. However, depending on the situation, you could face license revocation. The driver’s license in the state of Texas is crucial for you to have. Without it, you can’t do your daily routines such as shopping at the grocery store, getting your kids to school, going to work, or other tasks.

Also, when your license is suspended, it can take 180 days to get your license reinstated. In some states, like California, if your payment is late or the entire amount isn’t paid, they can suspend your license for failure to pay child support. Driving privileges are rewarding to get but crushing when taken away. Kelly McMahan Law understands the importance of having your license. Therefore, we help suspended drivers any way we can to get back on the road. For instance, you can receive an occupational license. Obtaining an occupational driver’s license will allow you to drive when doing necessary day-to-day tasks.

These tasks include work, school, or performing household duties. Some people still don’t know that this is even an option once they get their license revoked. Austin TX suspended license attorneys understands the rules and regulations of the department of public safety. Therefore, when it comes to license suspension, no one has your best interest at heart more than us. Plus, once you can get your license back, there are reinstatement fees to consider. Our law firm aids you in such cases. Perhaps the most pertinent matters are the ones involving a DUI.

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DUIs are sensitive topics in court due to the amount of cases that have caused harm to families and the victims involved. Police and judges tend to be less lenient on cases involving alcohol-related offenses. Therefore, when you walk into a courtroom, the odds are already stacked against you. There are instances where the court can require community service as well as suspend your license. If you have an additional offense, the number of community hours you serve increase as well as your suspension for your license. A third offense will have you convicted, looking at 180 days in jail.

Plus, failure to pay you’re fine results in a warrant. If you fail to appear in court or fail to make your payment, you can also be looking at jail time. Many of the consequences for class C violations carry additional punishment if not taken care of properly. When it comes to moving traffic violations, the same penalties exist, including jail time. You don’t want to be in an unfortunate circumstance for simply not paying your ticket on time. Let Kelly McMahan Law help you in your situation. We help you with traffic tickets, traffic warrants, occupational driver’s license, and Class C violations.

Attorney Kelly E. McMahan is a long-time resident of Texas, graduating from Texas Christian University. She later went on to Texas Wesleyan School of Law and graduated in May of 2010. Ever since she moved to Austin after passing her bar exam, she has been dedicated to defending clients who have class C misdemeanors. Her law firm has handled hundreds of tickets for her clients. Once you acquire our law firm’s services, you’ll discover that we care about people. We know how stressful life can sometimes be. Adding a ticket to your worries doesn’t help you in any situation you may be going through.

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If you need help with your Class C violations, call McMahon Law, and our firm will drive the force required to get you the best results. When your facing minor in possession, no seatbelt, disorderly conduct, assault, and traffic-related offenses, you can rest a bit easier knowing we’re by your side. If you need assistance or our services, we’re open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. You can also find us at 12600 Hill Country Boulevard, Suite R-275, Austin, Texas 78738. Call (512) 843-2889 to get in touch with the best law firm in class C violations in the area. We care about our clients, and they’re well being. Austin TX suspended license attorneys will represent you diligently and professionally.

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