Finding a locally based DUI lawyer 78748 can be tricky. For legal representation for your DUI, you need an Austin Texas law office that cares about your results. Fortunately, Kelly McMahan Law is here to fill that void. If you’re facing criminal charges for excessive traffic violations or drunk driving, Kelly McMahan can aid you in reducing or dismissing the charges. As a United States citizen, you deserve the best defense for all of your Class C misdemeanor cases. Kelly has been using her years of experience representing individuals in district courts from Travis County, Williamson County, to the rest of central Texas.

Traffic violations can become criminal matters that are settled in a criminal trial. As a citizen, being treated as a When you call us to schedule a free consultation, we get all the information about your case from you and get started on formulating a plan to assist you with your case. So no matter what type of Class C misdemeanor you’re facing, face it with Kelly McMahan Law.

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Why Kelly McMahan Law as Your DUI Lawyer 78748

As a life-long resident of Texas, Kelly E. McMahan has dedicated her career to making the process of Class C misdemeanor cases stressless and straightforward for her clients. Graduating from Texas Christian University, Kelly majored in History and minored in English. After that, she went on to attend Texas Wesleyan School of Law and graduated in 2010. Later that year, she aced the Texas Bar Exam and moved her operations to Austin. As an Austin Traffic Court Lawyer, Kelly focuses on defending her clients that have been charged with Class C misdemeanors. She’s handled hundreds of tickets and has a proven track record. With your time and money in mind, she fights to save you worry regarding your case. Once you meet with Kelly regarding your citation, you’ll see what makes her so trusted amongst her clients. She’ll keep your insurance costs from increasing and prevent license suspension when necessary.

Kelly and her firm are on standby to assist you with all Class C misdemeanor cases. Our firm aids you with situations such as:

  • Minor in Possession
  • Minor in Consumption
  • Open Container
  • No Seatbelt
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Class “C” Theft
  • Class “C” Possession and Assault
  • Other traffic-related offenses

If your case is a Class C case but is not listed above, then simply contact our firm to provide the details. Kelly can listen to your case during your consultation with her and determine if she is the best choice for your specific situation. If it falls in her wheelhouse, then Kelly will gladly tackle your ticket with all that she’s got.

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Keeping Austin safe from Class C misdemeanors

Driver’s License Point System

Another aspect of traffic tickets that no one explains to you is the point system for your driver’s license. The driver’s license point system adds points to your record, which determines how you’re punished the next time you get pulled over. For example, you get zero points if you’re pulled over for not having your seatbelt on or speeding fewer than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit.

However, a moving violation conviction in any state adds two points to your license. After that, a moving violation conviction that results in an accident adds three points instead. In cases like this, many people’s first instinct is to admit your guilt and pay the fine. Many drivers do this to simply get it out of the way and go on with their life. What they don’t realize is that these paid fines stay on your driving record and add points to it. When you call Kelly McMahan, she gets the ticket dismissed entirely. This means that it doesn’t show up on your record, and you don’t pay the full fine. More importantly, no points are added to your record, so you’re safe to stay on the road.

Primary Services

When it comes to Class C misdemeanors, you always run the risk of them becoming more significant than they are. To prevent escalation, Kelly McMahan focuses on traffic tickets, traffic warrants, occupational driver’s licenses, and other Class C violations. Driving is a necessity in Central Texas; that’s why it’s imperative to keep your driving record clean and your license safe.

As the years go on, more and more reasons for traffic citations are being implemented. From eating while driving or being on your phone, you never know when you may get a ticket. When you do, dismissing it is no issue for Kelly McMahan. However, if you continue to get traffic citations without getting them dismissed, you risk those tickets piling up. Eventually, the threat of losing your license or having a warrant becomes all too possible. In addition to fines, your car insurance significantly increases whenever you have outstanding traffic fines to pay.

Traffic Tickets

For traffic tickets, there’s no one better at dismissals than Kelly McMahan Law. Whether it’s a speeding ticket or a DUI, Kelly will study your case and produce the best defense to get it dismissed. One mistake that is all too common is the notion that the officer writing the citation is always right, and it’s the final say. In reality, every traffic ticket can be contested. All it requires is the circumstances of the citation and Kelly’s understanding of the traffic ticket system. Kelly can quickly get your speeding tickets dismissed for a significantly reduced fee.

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Traffic Warrants

What usually happens with warrants is that people have old, unpaid traffic tickets that are forgotten about. As a result, the individual is subject to be arrested for past tickets that simply were never brought up again. Kelly McMahan can aid anyone struggling with a traffic warrant. Sometimes, the tickets pile up because you become busy with daily tasks. If this does happen, then Kelly McMahan Law is here to assist you with getting the warrant resolved as soon as possible.

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Kelly McMahan Law focuses on ensuring that your driving record is clean and your license safe. You can call us at (512) 843-2889 or find us online for more information. DIf you have a ticket or warrant that needs dismissal, don’t hesitate. Contact us and find out what makes Kelly the best DUI lawyer 78748.

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