Traffic Ticket Attorney Austin 

If you get a traffic ticket, you may want to contact a traffic ticket attorney Austin rather than simply paying the fine, which is the same as being found guilty. There are negative consequences to being convicted or guilty of a traffic offense, even if you have only had one traffic ticket. The more you know about the potential implications of being found guilty, the more you realize that hiring a traffic ticket attorney in Austin for advice and help is probably the best route.

Point System

First, as any traffic ticket attorney in Austin will explain, it’s essential to realize the possible ramifications of the point system used in Texas by the Texas Department of Transportation to track violations and also keep track of corresponding penalties. As points are added to your driving record, one of the possible consequences is that your driver’s license could be suspended.

Under the point system, you get 2 points on your driving record for a traffic conviction in Texas or in any other state.  If the traffic conviction involves a crash in Texas or in any other state, 3 points are added to your driving record. Contact a traffic ticket attorney in Austin the first time you get a traffic ticket, and it is possible action can be taken for points to be kept off of your driver’s license record.

Traffic Offenses Which Cannot be Dismissed

We advise contacting a traffic ticket attorney in Austin when you are given a traffic citation because the consequences of being found guilty of an offense can have a negative effect on various areas of your life. Whenever possible, seek to have a traffic ticket dismissed, such as by taking a state-approved defensive driving course. The following are occasions in which a traffic ticket cannot be dismissed for taking a defensive driving course, even with the help of a traffic ticket attorney in Austin, due to the nature of the violation:

  • Passing a school bus.
  • Speeding at more than 25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.
  • Serious traffic violations, such as reckless driving and erratic lane changes.
  • If you’ve completed a court-ordered defensive driving course within the 12 months before you received the traffic ticket.
  • Failure to provide information and assistance after involvement in a traffic accident.
  • Traffic violations committed by drivers of commercial vehicles.

Automatic Loss of Driving Privileges

Seek the help of a traffic ticket attorney in Austin for the following violations because they are among the violations that will cost you your Texas driving privileges:

  • A hit and run accident or failure to stop and render aid following a collision in which someone could have been or was injured or killed.
  • Driving while intoxicated, whether by the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • A subsequent conviction of illegally overtaking and passing a school bus.
  • Driving without a valid driver’s license.
  • Driving when your license has been suspended.
  • Habitually driving negligently or recklessly.
  • Possessing or displaying a fictitious or altered driver’s license.

For help minimizing the effects of traffic tickets, contact a traffic ticket attorney Austin, Kelly McMahan.