If you have a Suspended License Austin traffic ticket attorney Kelly McMahan can help get you back on the road. McMahan has successfully dealt with hundreds of tickets in traffic and municipal court. In addition to handling moving violations, our law firm can help you deal with all Class C misdemeanors. That means that if your license suspension was a result of a DUI or other traffic-related misdemeanor, McMahan is especially suited to help you with your case. You deserve the legal defense of an attorney who is familiar with Austin courts and the local legal system. McMahan has defended cases in Austin courts for several years and is ready to help you get your license back.

If your license isn’t suspended left, you might not be sure what exactly is at risk. You should take a potential license suspension seriously by enlisting the help of the best traffic attorney that you can find. Fortunately, you found Kelly McMahan! If your license gets suspended, you’ll have to find an alternative method of transportation. You might have to carpool, use public transportation, or pay for ridesharing services every day. Not only will these expenses add up, but you’ll be subject to the whims of others. Texas drivers operating a motor vehicle with an invalid license will face more severe penalties the next time around. Fortunately, you can greatly minimize your risk by allowing a skilled attorney to defend you.

Suspended License Austin

We can help with reinstating a suspended Texas driver’s license

Reasons for Texas License Suspension

You may get your license suspended for having committed too many traffic violations within a period of time. Kelly McMahan Law doesn’t just deal with license suspension cases, but all traffic tickets and Class C misdemeanors. Therefore, you should give us a call when you get your first traffic offense. Don’t let tickets and moving violations add up! Not only will you waste hundreds of dollars on traffic fines, you’ll also pay more on insurance premiums. However, the worst consequence of all is that you put your license at risk of suspension.

Even if you only had a few violations, if those infractions were serious, they may add up to enough points to get your license suspended. For example, as few as two speeding tickets can get your license suspended if you were going 20 or more miles per hour over the speed limit.

A single violation can get your license suspended, in certain cases. For example, drug-related traffic offenses result can result in a suspension if you don’t contest them successfully. Also, you can get your license suspended after an auto accident if you were found to be at fault and violating traffic laws! As a habit, you should handle every single accident or traffic violation as though you might lose your license.  You might be surprised to find that your license eligibility is at risk. Contact Kelly McMahan for any legal issues that require a court appearance in municipal court. We can save your license and your driving privileges.

Suspended License Austin

Fight your traffic ticket!

Consequences of a Suspended License

In addition to the inconvenience of being able to drive where you want, when you want, you also may have to deal with some other issues. While it may seem like you would save money because you won’t have to deal with things like fuel fees, auto insurance, and perhaps maintenance, that’s not necessarily the case. Even if your drivers license suspension is long enough for you to cancel your auto insurance and keep your car in the garage, you’ll still pay for your car. When your suspension is up, your auto insurance premiums will be much higher because insurance companies will consider you high-risk. In fact, some insurance agencies might cancel your coverage or refuse to give you a policy.

A suspended license might also interfere with your school or work, in more ways than one. Of course, you’ll have a little more difficulty getting around. But if your job requires that you have a license or reliable transportation, you can become unemployed due to your license suspension. Furthermore, if your license was suspended because of a drug-related offense, you could lose financial aid or even be fired or expelled from school. Texas Department of Public Safety takes drug-related offenses extremely seriously, and everyone in the state shares the same sentiment. If you have a drug offense on your driving record, it could damage your employment prospects and opportunities for life.

Suspended License Austin

Kelly McMahan can fight for the DPS to reinstate your license or shorten your suspension period!

How a Suspended License Austin Lawyer Can Help

You need someone to vouch for you and stay up for you in court. If you try to defend yourself, you might become a victim of circumstance. Unless you’re a regular at the courthouse for traffic offenses (and hopefully that’s not the case!), you probably don’t know the ins and outs of the proceedings. Furthermore, it can be quite difficult and time-consuming to acquire the knowledge you need to have a chance of defending yourself. Even if you were to make a compelling case, you have better chances when there’s an attorney at your side. Sometimes, the judge doesn’t take defendants who represent themselves very seriously. When you’re at risk of losing your license, you don’t want to take any chances.

The benefit of calling Kelly McMahan to help you with your license suspension is that she truly loves what she does. McMahan makes it her mission to get the best outcome for her clients. You don’t want a lawyer who gives you the impression that there’s something else they’d rather be doing. You not only need a lawyer who is familiar with the traffic court and presenting a strong case. Instead, you need a traffic attorney who actually wants to help you. Kelly McMahan will fight hard for you in court. And she’s gotten the results to prove that her efforts pay off. Call Kelly McMahan Law at (512) 843-2889 to learn more about how a Suspended License Austin lawyer can help you.

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