3 Things You Can Do With an Occupational License

If your license was suspended, we have some good news: due to recent changes to Texas traffic ticket laws, you might have a shot at getting your ticket back much sooner. However, what can you do in the meantime? As you know, having a suspended license is very inconvenient. It’s very hard to get around and take care of your responsibilities. Fortunately, you have an alternative option to calling Uber or taking the bus: get an occupational license.

Below, you’ll find three things you can do with an occupational license that you can’t do with a suspended license. If you need a license to get around town until your license is reinstated, call Kelly McMahan Law.

Occupational Drivers License

Do you need an occupational license?

1. Drive Yourself To Work

Without a license, how do you get to work? You have several options, but none of them are really dependable. You can take public transportation, carpool, use a rideshare service, or ask to work from home. Or you can apply for an occupational license.

2. Earn Extra Credit in School

An occupational license also allows you to participate in school-related activities. One such example might be an off-campus after school activity. Even if you live on campus, you can imagine how a suspended license might inhibit your academic success. We can help you get an essential needs license.

4. Pick Up Your Child From School

If you have a child, you surely consider providing transportation for your child an “essential household duty.” With an occupational license, you’ll be able to take care of your parental responsibilities, such as picking up your child from school or daycare. Other permitted activities may include grocery shopping, child doctor visits, and more.

Suspended License Assistance

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How To Get an Occupational License

Kelly McMahan Law can help you get an occupational license to drive a non-commercial vehicle if you need one. You have to apply for the license, and the process can take weeks. With an attorney’s help, everything will be done correctly the first time. Call our law firm at (512) 843-2889 or contact us via our online form to get started. We can help you get an occupational license in no time.