Austin Is Named One Of The Most Congested Cities In The World

If you have ever experienced an Austin traffic jam, you know there are not many remedies. Most of the time you will have to sit through the jam and tough it out. It might be a tolerance that you have resigned to allow. However, more and more studies are pointing to the possibility that things are worse than they seem.

The amount of time people can expect to stay stuck on the roads are rising. In fact, after a study was performed by TomTom, there is now indisputable evidence that Austin is one of the worst cities for traffic jams in the entire United States.

This was a study conducted over years that even accounts for current real-time traffic data. The results clearly demonstrate a pattern that is rather disturbing. Austin drivers routinely deal with heavy traffic on a daily basis and it is quite destructive to people’s lifestyles.

In our blog post today, we want to highlight the issue and make Austinites aware of the real problems they partake in every day. This information can help you avoid any unnecessary tickets out of frustration or lack of awareness.

How Bad Is It Really? 

The studies show that there are huge distortions in the time it takes to get anywhere in Austin. For example, in the event of a 30-minute drive, you can expect a degree of delays that have been confirmed with an irrefutable certainty. On average, Austin drivers will see as much as 12 minutes added on to their trip in the morning, with a staggering 19 minutes added to their evening trips. Austin has been ranked 14th nationally with the placement of 179th on the world scale.

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There is actually a 41% assurance that you will undergo traffic jams in the morning. That number, however, is eclipsed by the evening which is slated at 63%. That breaks down into an averaged 29% on highways and 24% when on non-highway roads.

What Can We Do For You? 

Being stuck on the road for longer periods of time can put you at a greater risk of getting tickets. Just because you aren’t speeding doesn’t mean you are exempt from getting traffic violations. Additionally, if you are getting free of traffic, you might be even more inclined to speed and otherwise break traffic laws. We want to encourage you to remain patient and perhaps drive on less congested roads to avoid any issues.

However, if you have procured tickets as a result of these horrendous traffic jams, we can help! We’ll be able to conduct your due process with alacrity. This will ensure that you get this situation fixed without it causing you serious dismay. Our goal is to relieve our clients so they aren’t burdened by more than the traffic. Instead of dealing with any traffic violations yourself, you can work with us. We will take care of your ticket and make sure that it doesn’t have lasting repercussions.

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Remember to drive safely!

To learn more about our services, you can reach one of our representatives through our contact page. Nothing is worse than bad traffic, except for tickets! Staying informed and aware of road conditions can go a long way towards keeping you happy and your record clean.