Classification and Penalties of Theft

Kelly McMahan helps people with more than just traffic ticket violations. She can help with any kind of class C misdemeanor. This goes for a class C theft case. There are various levels of theft, and there may be some confusion as to where your case sits. If your case is over the class C misdemeanor, then Kelly McMahan Law will be unable to help as she only focuses on C level offenses.

Kelly McMahan has hundreds of tickets for her clients and other types of cases. Her goal is to make the entire process as easy as possible for clients. Reducing the stress and worry a traffic ticket brings is her objective when working for you.

Theft in Texas

There are several levels of theft, but Kelly McMahan law focuses on class C misdemeanors.

The state of Texas classifies theft cases by the value of stolen property and services or by the type of property that was taken. The lowest level of theft is a class C misdemeanor or a petty theft. Class C theft is of a value of less than $50. The only punishment for petty theft is fine up to $500. There is no jail time for a class c theft case.

The next type of theft is a class B misdemeanor. These types of theft cases are more than $50 in value but are less than $500. If the property that is stolen was an identification card like a driver’s license, then it would fit the class B theft. Punishment for a class B theft is jail time up to 180 days or a fine of no more than $2,000. Both of these punishments are possible.

Finally, the last basic level of theft is a class A misdemeanor. The property that is stolen must be more than $500 but less than $20,000. Violaters at this degree will face jail time for up to a year, a fine of up to $4,000 or both.

These levels of theft are severe and grow into more significant issues later. If you have a class C misdemeanor in theft, then give Kelly McMahan a call today. She can help you find the right defense for your case. You can reach her law firm at (512) 843-2889. You may also visit her website to view the other types of cases she tackles.