Different Types of Drivers Licenses

Depending on the type of license you have, a ticket may have different impacts on your life and livelihood. If you commit an alleged infraction in a personal vehicle, the consequences are different from that of a commercial vehicle. In either case, you should call Kelly McMahan Law. We’ll let you know the best next steps to take towards contesting your ticket.

Class A

This license authorizes an individual to drive vehicles of at least 26,000 pounds or towing vehicles.

Class B

Class B licenses allows drivers to operate vehicles with a weight of over 26,000 drive. This includes buses that hold 24 or more passengers. Additionally, this license allows drivers to tow trailers, so long as the trailer doesn’t exceed weight limits.

Drivers License

Know the limits of your license.

Class C

This class of license, Class C, is the most common license. The Class C license allows drivers to operate a vehicle that weighs less than 26,000 pounds. Drivers with this license can operate vehicles that hold fewer than 23 passengers, including the driver. Autocycle drivers may also have this license, as it allows them to operate both a car and the autocycle.

Class M

The Class M license is for motorcycle or moped drivers. Motorcycle drivers in the state of Texas have unique laws on Texas roads and highways. Make sure you’re familiar with the laws for your vehicle before you take off.

Occupational License Assistance

Call Kelly McMahan if you want to apply for an occupational license.

Do You Need an Occupational License?

An occupational license is also known as an Essential Needs License. If you lost your license, especially a Class A or B license, you likely need your license to perform your job. Kelly McMahan Law can help you get an occupational license, which allows you to perform essential duties related to work, school, and life. The process to obtain this type of license requires the assistance of a skilled lawyer. Kelly McMahan Law will make sure that you don’t miss any of the necessary details. Call today at (512) 843-2889 or contact us online to get started.