Do You Need An Occupational Drivers License?

Having your license suspended or revoked is always highly inconvenient. The primary reason for having a license in the first place was to be able to easily get around, at your own will. Without a valid license, you might have to rely on public transportation and ridesharing services to get where you need to go. You’ll find that you either have to leave really early or you risk running late to work or school. When you arrive late, you appear unprofessional and might even be at risk of losing your job or getting a bad grade.

Fortunately, there’s a workaround for people with suspended licenses who still need to travel to work or school. It’s called an occupational driver’s license, and you can even get one if you need to perform essential household duties. In order to get this special license, which allows you only to operate a vehicle under the approved circumstances, you must petition a judge. Specifically, you need to petition to the court of the jurisdiction where the offense that caused you to lose your license occurred.

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Can I Petition The Court Myself?

Technically, you can go to court yourself to petition for an occupational driver’s license. However, we recommend against it, for many of the same reasons we advise ticketed drivers not to contest their traffic tickets by themselves. An attorney has invaluable experience, not just with traffic tickets, but with the functions of the court. Furthermore, the presence of an attorney by your side makes a good impression. The judge takes you, and your petition, more seriously knowing that you took the time and effort to enlist the help of a professional. And when that professional speaks on your behalf, the judge is more inclined to listen.

Occupational Drivers License

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