Driver’s License Point System

If you are an active driver, you may have noticed that most states implement a license point system. This system is referred to with varying names, sometimes called demerit points or traffic ticket points, but the idea is the same. If you are found guilty of a traffic violation, points go on your record that, once above a certain number, can get your license taken away. This number varies from state to state.

If you have recently accumulated points against your license, you may not understand what this means or what else could mean you get your license taken. Let’s talk about the driver’s license point system in Texas and what it means.

Our Driver’s License Point System

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Let’s take a look at our point system

In Texas, we call our license point system the Driver Responsibility Program (or DRP). This system authorizes our department of public safety to charge you based on the traffic offenses you have incurred. The point of this system is to establish monetary consequences so that people are more motivated to drive safely. They will look at your record to determine whether or not to charge you and base their decision in both a point system and a conviction based system.

The point system works like this; you get two points for a conviction and three for a conviction that caused an accident. If you get six or more points, you may be charged, and for every year that passes without more points added you will have one taken off your record.

If you have been convicted of a DWI, for lack of insurance, or for driving without a valid license, you will receive a conviction based surcharge for three years after. You can pay charges for all three years at once.

Related Surcharges

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What can you be charged for point demerits?

The DPS has shared an online PDF which allows you to see how their system works. That document can be found here. Let’s talk about this.

Regarding the points system, you are required to pay $100 for the first six points and an additional $25 for every new point. This can lower or disappear after points begin vanishing from your record.

Depending on what type of conviction you are charged with, the DPS can charge you up to $2,000 dollars. The smallest charge, which is given when you drive without a license or have an expired license, is $100. If you are pressed for cash, any of these numbers can be daunting.

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