Failure to Stop for a School Bus

Failure to Stop for a School Bus

When people are passing a school bus after a bus driver extends the stop arm or after the red flashing lights are blinking, they are risking the safety of our children. The law requires all drivers to stop for a school bus when the bus drivers are picking up or dropping off students to their residents.  All in all, being cautious around a school bus is the best way to secure the safety of our children.

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The Facts

It is illegal in every state of the nation to pass a school bus that has stopped to load or unload children. However, over twenty years occur in the danger zone of the school bus. Here are some rules to eliminate the confusion about laws about school buses:

  • It is required to stop for flashing red lights and the bus’ stop sign on both sides of the road unless a median separates the road.
  • Drivers shouldn’t move until the school bus is running again (which is typically after the lights are no longer blinking and the stop sign is no longer out).
  • Passing is legal if a school bus is on a different road or on a controlled-access highway where pedestrians can’t cross.

The Consequences for Failure to Stop for a School Bus

The current penalty for passing a bus at the wrong time is $500. Failing to stop for a school bus will resort in harsher penalties beginning September 1st. For example, the first infraction will cost the driver$1250. Additionally, the second offense will resort in the suspension of the driver’s license. As an additional punishment, the points added to the driver’s record for this offense even if the driver attends a defensive course.

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