Occupational License

Occupational License

Did you know you can receive partial driving privileges during your suspended license period? An Occupational License allows drivers to complete basic tasks for their livelihood while carrying out the punishment of their conviction. Although the driver will not have the full freedom that comes with a regular license, they can take care of their essential responsibilities for their family and themselves.

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Occupational License: What Is It?

An occupational driver license is a license issued with various restrictions after a driver’s original license has been suspended, revoked, or denied. The restricted license only gives a driver the privilege to drive for essential reasons such as driving to work or school. Drivers must submit a license petition to the court of the original jurisdiction where the offense initially occurred to qualify for an occupational driver’s license. Once the court grants your request to operate a vehicle under these conditions, you must provide the following information to the Department of Public Safety to receive the special license:

  • A certified copy of the original petition and the court order granted your request.
  • The certificate of special insurance ( SR-22)
  • The occupational license fee.

For more information about an occupational license, visit the Department of Public Safety’s official website here.

Special Circumstances

Once the Department of Public Safety has processed your request, you will receive your occupational license. However, there are certain instances where your application could be delayed or denied. Here are some factors that may delay or void your request:

  • Your suspended driver license is due to an alcohol or drug-related offense, and you are still within the 90-day waiting period.
  • Your suspended driver license is due to an intoxication conviction, and you are still within the 180-day waiting period.
  • You have a minimum of two license revocations on your record, and you are still within the one year waiting period.
  • You are requesting an occupational driver license to operate a commercial motor vehicle. This type of license is only to operate motor vehicles that are non-commercial during the period of your license suspension.

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