Red Light Runners

Red Light Runners

Traffic safety is a significant concern in the state of Texas. Red Light Runners figure they will arrive at their locations quickly when violating this law only carves seconds from your traveling time. However, they increase the chances of fatal crashes or crashes that cause severe injuries. Whether you turned on red or you completely blew through an intersection, it is against the law, and it could hurt your life and the lives of others.

The Facts

Drivers who drive through red lights are preventable and are commonly a result of aggressive driving.  In 2006, 144,000 injuries and over 900 deaths were caused by Red Light Runners. The deaths relating to red-light running are nos three times more than the deaths relating to any other fatal crash. In 2007, The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety declared Red Light Runners as the leading cause of urban accidents.

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The Consequences for Red Light Runners

Fines for running a red light range from $150 to $275. In addition to penalties, the state has adopted the use of red light cameras.  A driver who is convicted of this offense will receive two demerits on his driving records. Additionally, the driver risks accruing a surcharge. Although the citizens of some of Texas’ cities voted against the use of the cameras, other cities who are using them find them essential to minimizing the number of drivers running red lights. For example, the crashes caused by red-light runners in Garland, TX decreased by 56% at four of their problem intersections. Notifications of violators caught on cameras are mailed out with the date, time, location, and a picture of the violation.

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