Habitual violator drivers license Austin TX

Habitual violator drivers license Austin TX can be contested and a hearing requested but only in a 20-day window of time. Contact us if you have been deemed a habitual traffic offender (HTO), to ensure the best possible outcome. Being an HTO is just one of the numerous reasons that a person in Texas can have their driver’s license revoked by the Department of Public Safety.

Even lesser traffic violations can be very costly. In Texas, there is a program called the Driver Responsibility Program (DRP), and it adds more to penalties as violations add up.

Driver Responsibility Program

Texas has more stringent penalties for multiple traffic violations, as compared with most other states. Heavy penalties go into effect if a driver racks up 6 points within a three-year period. The following is more about the point system:

  • A single moving violation is 2 points.
  • A single moving violation that results in an accident is 3 points.

Obviously, if you have been deemed a habitual violator drivers license Austin TX, you have more than six points and will be required to pay added penalty fees in the coming years.

Potential Cost of Points

If you have, for example, 6 points on your driver’s license at the end of the year, you will then be required to pay an assessment surcharge of $100, on top of other penalties paid. For each subsequent point over 6, you pay an addition $25. For each year that you have 6 points or more on your license, you will again have to pay the $100 fee plus $25 more for each additional point beyond 6. Keep in mind that each point for traffic violations can be included in the point system penalties for three years. In other words, depending on your total number of points in a given year, you could potentially have to pay the additional penalties under the DPR for three years in a row on a particular offense before the points finally expire.

Occupational License

If you have been charged as a habitual violator drivers license Austin TX and have lost your driving privileges, there is a possibility that you could be issued an occupational or essential need license. If you have an occupational license in Texas, even if your driver’s license has been suspended, you will be authorized to operate a non-commercial motor vehicle in connection with work, school, or performance of essential household duties.

Contact our office today if your have been cited as a habitual violator drivers license Austin TX.