Do you think you need Austin DUI lawyers? There are many excellent reasons why an attorney might be helpful in this circumstance. First of all, you may not even be in the proper mindstate to handle any of the immediate processes. If you don’t follow the protocol by the book, you could face even more serious consequences when it’s all said and done. Of course, there is also a lot of misconception about what a DUI actually is. Our goal at Austin Area Traffic Lawyers is to provide you with protection and information about your cases. In the event that you ever get caught up in a situation of this magnitude, make sure to call us as soon as possible. It could be the difference between freedom and incarceration.

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What Is A DUI?

There are many different perceptions of a DUI and many don’t know what it is. When you break it down, the real definition is actually quite simple. The acronym stands for “driving under the influence” and while initially, it can seem to refer to any license holder who is operating a vehicle with alcohol in their system. It actually only focuses on drivers under the age of 21.

In these circumstances, the penalty is different and oriented to ensure that the driver does not commit this sort of action again. The charges are not as severe as a DWI and while you may experience stresses over it showing up on your record, a good lawyer can help you set up a plan that sees your records sealed or even a not guilty sentence altogether. Of course, the differences between a DUI and a DWI don’t just stop there.

The Difference Between DUI vs. DWI

Whenever someone is caught and charged with a DUI, it is because they are underage and have a detectable trace of alcohol in their system. When it comes to DWI, there is a slightly different protocol. These types of charges can be brought upon anyone of any age. Their regulations demand that they must have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of higher than .08 with strenuous punishments at higher levels like .15 and above. Of course, even if the driver is younger than 21, if their BAC levels are above .15 then they can also be charged with a DWI as well.

“Implied Consent” Law

Keep in mind that there are specific laws in place that already put you in a compromising position. There is a specific law in Texas and is upheld in Austin which makes a unique claim. Essentially, they are a saying that you consented for any sort of sobriety test when you filed for your driver’s license. It was a natural bi-product to being given the right to drive on the road, apparently.

If you are pulled over and potentially found to be intoxicated, police officers will request you to take a sobriety test to determine your condition. If you refuse to accept the test and decline any further cooperation, you could face a license suspension and even jail time in certain states. This is a very important law to note because of how much stress you may be going through during the search.

Remember, no one is allowed to force you into taking a field sobriety test. Unless the case is under serious or fatal circumstances there will be no way for the officers to demand such action. While this has been known to help lawyers in the past with your case, it does come with a punishment of its own.

Some people may have their licenses suspended for half a year and even potentially charged with jail time and large fines. Of course, this is something that you will undoubtedly decide at the moment that it happens. We only want to make you aware of the parameters.

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DUI Penalties & How Austin DUI Lawyers Can Help

As is usually the case with people underaged, the penalties are typically reduced. This is the same for DUIs, and most of the time it is considered a misdemeanor offense. As a result, your punishment may range from a small fine to community service and potential probation. There are conditions to this though, and if you are found with an open alcohol container or a child in the car, you could see the penalty raised from a misdemeanor to a felony with possible jail time made mandatory.

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Multiple DUI convictions can also potentially land you with a felony, too. There are multiple aspects of these cases that can penalize you. For example, there can be a driver’s license suspension and other annoying demands such as an ignition interlock system that you may have to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket to install. Refusal to use this device can also revoke your bond and send you back to jail.

The Facts About Austin’s DUI Dilemma

The simple truth is there are a lot of DUIs in Austin. This is why we are so staunch about supporting you. It is a real necessity in this day and age. There are a lot of rules and regulations that are making it more and more of a slippery slope. In order to avoid these dangerous legal repercussions, stay aware and stay sober.

To give you an idea of how many DUIs in Austin, we’ll start with a simple fact. Austin is ranked 9th in the US for the most drunk driving violations. However, we’ve compiled some more data and listed it below just to be safe.

DUIs Committed In Austin (2012-2016):    30,005

DUIs Committed With BAC Higher Than .15:   3,666

People Arrested For Multiple DUIs (2+):    4,322

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