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In Central Texas, driving is routine, however, we put ourselves at risk for potential citations. The reasons for being cited for a traffic violation are increasing all the time. Whether you have gotten an Austin speeding ticket, a ticket for texting and driving or maybe you were charged with reckless driving. You have an advantage for hiring a traffic ticket attorney to defend your case.

Defendant’s Reaction

Your first thought might be to just admit what you have done, pay the fine and put it behind you. Those knee-jerk reactions can have lasting effects on your driving record not to mention, more points are added to your driving record. If you get too many points, the State of Texas will suspend your license and you do not want that! In addition to the points, your insurance will go up with each traffic ticket and stay increased for five years.

Traffic Ticket Attorney Austin

Attorney Traffic Ticket Austin

Traffic Warrants

You could have a warrant for your arrest and not even realize it. If you have ever taken an old ticket and forgotten about it, a warrant is a possibility. Many Texas drivers have been issued a ticket, however, putting it aside and forgetting about it is not what you want to do. That action could put you on a state-wide list for law enforcement. You could travel to Dallas, get pulled over and be arrested so you need to hire a traffic ticket attorney near me. This is why a free consultation with the McMahan Law Firm would be a good idea.

Occupational License

These types of licenses’ are issued to those that need it for work or if you are working around your home or property and need to operate special vehicles and equipment. Eligibility for this type of license is an absolute necessity for some. What you might not know is that if you are ineligible for a regular driver’s license, you can still obtain an occupational license. If you are new to the State of Texas, you will need to apply for a Texas-issued license.

Consequences of a Forgotten Traffic Ticket

It starts with an old ticket that you forgot about and as a result, now you have a suspended driver’s license and you might not even know. Traffic ticket attorney near me can help you. A warrant for your arrest could be in the system of every police officer across all (8) counties.  You will be arrested if you are pulled over for even a tail light out. So now the scenario is, you were pulled over for a tail light out, the officer ran your license and found a warrant and you got arrested.  You still have to be processed into the system and wait hours just to get bonded out. 

You most likely would have gotten a warning for a tail light that is out but because you forgot about an old ticket, you now have a warrant. This is where a traffic violation attorney near me like McMahan Law comes in to play. You want to avoid the time and humiliation that being arrested for a traffic ticket incurs.

Driver License Suspension Hearing Attorney Austin

Driver’s License Attorney in Austin

The End Result

A negative impact on your eligibility for school, work, and other programs is the end result if you do not call McMahan Law and schedule a consultation today. You need to be effectively represented so that your record will not have these violations on them. It takes 5-7 years for these to drop off of your record and you cannot afford that.

The reasons that officers distribute citations are ever-more increasing. At first, you think you just have to pay a fine to get it over with but these are consequences you do not want to deal with. Each speeding ticket or moving violation means more points on your driver’s license. With enough points on your driver’s license, your driving privilege can be revoked. The cost of insurance with each citation will go up and stay increased for five years. The only option is to pay for expensive drivers education courses that can take up to an entire twenty-four hours to

Class C Violations

If you have a case number assigned to a municipal court or with the Justice of the Peace then it is classified as a Class C misdemeanor. This type of classification is is generally for traffic tickets or various moving violations that you might need a traffic ticket attorney near me. Other offenses such as DWIL (driving while license invalid), DUI minor, assault, theft, possession of drug paraphernalia or public intoxication all need an attorney. These are charges worth fighting. The end result is not worth it and we can help you avoid all of this mess.

Driver’s License Point System

0 points – seatbelt violation or speeding fewer than 10 miles over the speed limit

2 points – moving violation conviction

3 points – moving violation conviction that resulted in an accident

It is a common misconception that a traffic ticket is final and that the officer issuing the citation is always right. The point system alone is reason enough to have representation so that you do not lose the privilege to drive whether it is for personal use or for work.

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