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Is any traffic ticket Austin issued to you? Then do not need to worry as you will find here all the solutions of your problem. Nowadays the government of most of the countries is getting strict regarding the traffic rules and regulations. Disobeying these rules has become a major problem for the Texas drivers.

If you have also got a traffic ticket in Austin, then we will provide you all the details regarding the traffic ticket and ways to reduce or dismiss the traffic tickets.

lawyer Traffic Ticket Austin

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Austin

  • Reason for getting traffic ticket in Austin:-

There are many reasons for getting traffic ticket but parking the vehicle in the restricted area is one of the major reasons to receive it. The other reasons include moving violations like high speed, careless driving, driving without a license, utilization of cell phones etc.

  • Consequences after issuing of Austin traffic ticket:-

The violation of the traffic laws can cause severe consequences like:

  • Suspended driving license:-

If you break the traffic rules many times within a short period of time then it may lead to suspension of your driving license. If a traffic ticket is issued to you for doing reckless driving, hit and run case or drinking alcohol while driving, then there are more chances of your license suspension. Or if a driver has too many points for violation of traffic law then his driving license is likely to be suspended or cancelled.

  • Heavy fine:-

The fines vary from state to state but it is almost same for particular violation. In case of speeding traffic ticket, the fine is imposed when the posted speed limit is exceeded by the driver. There could be heavy fines in case of moving violations. However, in such cases an Austin traffic ticket attorney can only help you in reducing the amount of fine.

  • Insurance rates:-

Some vehicle insurance companies determine the insurance rates according to your driving records. If you have done traffic violation many times then the insurance rates of your vehicles can be raised. It is quite possible that it may not be getting down for the upcoming 5 years. It can cause a huge financial loss to you. So you must obey the traffic rules in order to save money.

  • Driver Education courses:-

There is also a possibility of going to traffic school to join driver education courses. The court will decide for how much time you have to attend the course. The teachers will teach you about the traffic rules and safety measures. It would be a loss of time as well as money. In some cases, when you complete your education course, the court dismisses your case.

  • Imprisonment:-

It takes very long time to maintain your reputation but getting traffic ticket in Austin can also lead to imprisonment thus destroying your prestige in a short time. You never know the court will send you jail for how many years. In case of serious offense, there are more chances of going to jail. Thus you should remember traffic rules while driving the vehicle.

Dismissing A Austin Traffic Ticket?

First of all, you should know that traffic ticket is not a conviction in Austin. The only way of dismissing the traffic ticket is to take the help of traffic lawyer. Kelly McMahan, a well experienced traffic attorney in Austin who has handled many cases of traffic tickets in Austin can help you.

Traffic Ticket Attorney Austin

Attorney Traffic Ticket Austin

She will give her best effort to reduce or dismiss the traffic ticket and in maintaining your good driving record as well as your prestige. As she lives in Texas only, she can better understand the rules and regulations of the Texas state.

You will be provided with all the necessary details related to driver’s license point system by her. She will also make sure that there would be minimum loss of both money and time. You will not need to go to the traffic school. There are also other services provided by her like:

  • Occupational Drivers License:-

These licenses are also known as Essential Needs Licenses. These restricted licenses are issued to those drivers whose licenses are suspended by the court due to certain offense. They can drive non-commercial vehicle for school related activities or at work. These special vehicles can also be used by them to perform household duties. Kelly McMahan can help you in obtaining occupational Drivers License within few days. The people who are not well-qualified and cannot get regular driving license, can also possess this license.

  • Traffic warrants:-

Traffic warrant is an arrest warrant which is issued by the court in case you fail to pay the traffic ticket or to appear in the court for traffic case. If you have many old traffic warrants then it can be a serious issue as it can lead to risk of invalid license. You can even go to jail if you possess outstanding warrants. Your license can be cancelled for life time. Kelly McMahan can help you in uplifting traffic warrants and can preserve your driving license. She will try to arrange another date from the court if you were failed to attend the court hearing on the previous date.

  • Class C misdemeanor cases:-

A case comes under the category of Class C misdemeanor when it is allotted to the municipal court or the Justice of Peace. These cases are the cases of least serious offenses. The examples of class C misdemeanor cases are following:

  • Theft of property valued up to 50$
  • Driving vehicle with invalid license
  • Public intoxication
  • DUI(driving under influence) minor
  • Assault
  • Possessing drugs

These types of cases can be well handled only by the professionally qualified attorney. Kelly McMahan is an expert in fighting such cases and protecting your driving records.

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