The more you drive your vehicle, the greater your chances of being issued traffic tickets Texas. Most drivers are ticketed at least once in their lifetime for speeding, and anyone who has been convicted of a traffic tickets in Texas knows that there are costly repercussions. On average, insurance premiums will increase by $300 annually after a speeding conviction, and the insurance increase usually lasts for five years. There are various fines for the different traffic violations. For example, the average fine for speeding tickets in the U.S. is $150; and, yes, speeding tickets in other states go against your driving record in Texas. Nowadays, tickets can be issued for texting while driving; and there even more reasons to hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney if you get traffic tickets in Texas.

When a community seeks to increase budget spending, one of the most common tactics for bringing in more funds is to increase the number of police officers focused on citing drivers for traffic violations.

Texas operates on a point system in which traffic convictions add points to your driver’s license. When the points add up in Texas for traffic tickets, an additional consequence could be loss of driving privileges. On top of paying fines and having your driver’s license suspended, you could face at least three years of being required to pay an annual surcharge that amounts to $100 for the first 6 points and an additional $25 for each additional point.

Taking an approved defensive driving course can help to offset some traffic convictions but not in every case. It’s seldom advisable to simply plead “guilty” or “no contest” to a traffic ticket because of the lasting and costly consequences.

It is a common misconception that traffic tickets in Texas are final and that the officer issuing the citation is always correct. Experienced traffic ticket attorneys at Kelly McMahan Law will form the best possible case by taking a close look at all the details of your situation, from where the alleged violation occurred to the steps taken when you were stopped by an officer. Kelly McMahan Law will determine the most effective way to fight your traffic ticket and possibly avoid all the hassles involved with conviction. For instance, traffic tickets in Texas may be dismissed because radar guns are not always accurate; and there are some instances in which speeding is allowed, such as when passing another vehicle.

With Kelly McMahan Law in your defense for a traffic tickets in Texas, you can trust that an expert in traffic law is studying your unique situation and building the best case.

Driver’s License Point System

0 Points – Seatbelt violation or speeding less than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit

2 Points – Moving violation conviction in Texas or other state

3 Points – Moving violation conviction that involved a collision in Texas or other state

Do not wait for your traffic tickets Texas to escalate to more costly and lengthy consequences. Contact Kelly McMahan Law  to discuss how your violation can be handled.