Texas traffic warrants are frequently issued against unsuspecting drivers who have either forgotten about the tickets stuffed in their glove box or lacked an understanding about the severe consequences of failing to either pay the fine for a traffic ticket or to show up on a specified court date. When traffic tickets are not handled in a timely manner, the consequences are progressively severe. You are subject to arrest when you have outstanding traffic warrants in Texas, and your driver’s license could be suspended. Kelly McMahan Law can represent you in court, helping to ensure both that your Texas traffic warrants are lifted and that you sustain your driving privileges.

There are two types of traffic warrants in Texas, those being failure-to-appear (FTA) warrants and capias warrants. An FTA warrant is issued against you if you get a traffic ticket and then fail to either pay the related fines or appear in court on the date and time specified. If you get pulled over by a police officer for any reason when you have outstanding traffic warrants in Texas, you could be arrested and immediately taken to jail. Capias warrants are typically issued to compel someone to be compliant with a court’s original orders. These traffic warrants in Texas are different from FTAs in that they are designed for the purpose of arresting and detaining individuals, guaranteeing their appearance in court. Unless you hire an experienced traffic law attorney, your only choices are to pay the fine or go to jail, if arrested on a capias warrant. Another distinction of capias warrants is that, although jail time is possible, these Texas traffic warrants are not typically used against individuals charged with serious violations.

Texas traffic warrants can be resolved if you plead guilty or no contest to the charges against you. There are many harsh consequences of taking these actions, such as significantly increased insurance rates, points added to your driver record, and steep penalties, fees, and surcharges. The negative consequences of traffic convictions go on for years.

Traffic warrants in Texas can also be lifted by pleading not guilty and posting a bond. Once you post bond, you are no longer subject to being arrested. You must, however, follow through with all steps involved with contesting the validity of a ticket, and Kelly McMahan Law can help.

There is an Annual Warrant Roundup in Texas every March, and the purpose is to focus on arresting all individuals with outstanding FTA and capias traffic warrants in Texas. Thousands are arrested in this initiative every year, with law enforcement pulling out all the stops in finding individuals with warrants against them.

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