Traffic Warrants Attorney Austin – Chances are at one point or another in your life, you’re going to get a traffic citation. For some though traffic citations happen often. Each and every ticket issued comes with sanctions. Depending on what the traffic citation is for will determine your penalty. If you get numerous citations and don’t pay them then you run the chance of having a warrant issued. Traffic warrants attorney Austin are well versed in Texas law. That means they have the knowledge and experience to represent you fully in a court of law. Going to court on your own without traffic warrants attorney Austin could be detrimental to your case. Are you willing to risk it?

Traffic Warrants Attorney Austin Have the Experience You Need

When a person is given a traffic citation they are given a date to appear in court. For example, if your traffic citation gives an appearance date of December 19th then that means that on that date you or your attorney need to make an appearance in court to address the citation that was given. When you are given a citation you sign the citation. That signature states that you agree to appear in court on the date and time listed. Are you ready for court? Do you understand what is going to happen? If not then that is why you need traffic warrants attorney Austin by your side. If you fail to appear in court then the court will issue a warrant for your arrest.

If you are issued a ticket in Austin and fail to appear in court then you will be arrested no matter where you are. You can leave the city of Austin and go to another part of Texas or even another state but the warrant follows you no matter where you go.

What’s even worse is imagine the embarrassment if the police show up at your home or your place of employment to arrest you on a warrant. Traffic warrants attorney Austin has the legal expertise to assist you with your case.

Traffic Warrants Attorney Austin Are Your Traffic Warrant Experts

Depending on your case there can be one of two warrants issued. A failure to appear warrant, also known as an alias warrant, is issued when you fail to make an initial appearance in court. A capias warrant is a warrant that is issued once you have made an appearance in court and been given terms to adhere to. If you failed to comply with the terms and conditions as ordered by the court then you are in violation of the law and a capias warrant for your arrest will be issued. Each warrant has its own conditions. Traffic warrants attorney Austin knows how the court handles each warrant so they can develop the best strategy for your case.

If you attempt to go at it alone in a court of law you run the risk of facing severe penalties that could include jail time? Are you willing to risk your freedom? If not then it’s time to look for Kelly McMahan Law to represent you today.