Stuck With A Traffic Ticket?

Stuck with a traffic ticket? We have all been inconvenienced by those red-and-blue lights in our rearview mirror at some point. You have a hefty ticket hanging over your head after being pulled over. Depending on your offense, tickets can range between 82-520 for simple traffic violations. You could even end up paying court costs. Also, you can end up with demerit points on your driving record and see an increase in insurance rates. At worst, you can end up in jail due to traffic warrants.

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Kelly McHanan Law commits to fighting for and defending your rights. We want to make sure this minor incident does not affect your driving record or your life. Surely, making a mistake due to confusion with the area or thoughtlessness should not cost you hundreds of dollars. Depending on the location of your violation, it can go up to thousands. No one can afford to hand over that much money while potentially losing their license. Do something about it!

Stuck with a traffic ticket? Let’s talk about the basic traffic violations you can get ticketed for and how we can help.

Traffic Violations

Speeding: Speeding is when you are driving above the posted speed limit, or in the case of weather conditions or construction, the improper amount below the speed limit. Essentially, an officer can pull you over if they feel you were going too fast or too slow. In this case, you can be legally excused if you were speeding due to an emergency or evading danger. Your fines will be much higher if you were pulled over for speeding in a school or construction zone.

Expiration of Documents: Expired Driver’s License, Motor Vehicle Inspection, Insurance, or Registration? You can be ticketed for it. It can be easy to forget the date or forego renewal during times of transition. Talk to an attorney.

Minor Violations: A minor caught in a traffic case needs assistance. You are especially vulnerable when you are underage.

Alcohol Violations: You could have your license suspended, even without a DWI.

Seatbelts: If the driver or any passengers above 15 years of age are without seatbelts, you can get ticketed. The fines will be higher if a minor is not wearing their seatbelt. Furthermore, children need to be in safety seats, such as car seats and boosters, depending on their age and weight.

Failure to Provide Documents: Failure to provide an officer with your essential documents is another violation you may be fined for. Be sure to keep your documents on hand.

Any Class C Misdemeanor: This can be unrelated to traffic, but minor charges of assault, theft, possession, or public intoxication are all class C violations. At Kelly McHanan law, we can defend you in court for these charges as well.

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About Kelly McHanan Law

Kelly McHanan is an Austin traffic court lawyer who can handle any class C misdemeanors you are charged with. Her goal is to save you time and money and keep a minor traffic violation from further affecting your life.

When you are stuck with a traffic ticket or charged with a class C demeanor, Ms. McHanan can help. She will stand up for you in a court of law. Contact her office at (512) 843-2889 or fill out the form located on her website here.