The 3 Types of Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are never good news, no matter what type of ticket you receive. However, it can help to know more about your ticket. Different violations carry with them different consequences. In any case, you should fight the ticket. But by paying attention to the type of violation, you’ll be more informed about what’s at risk if you don’t.

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Moving Violations

You’ll receive a moving violation if you allegedly committed an offense while the car was in motion. Speeding tickets, failure to signal, and tailgating are all examples of moving violations. These types of tickets always carry the risk of being reported to your car insurance agency. However, it’s sometimes easier to fight moving violations in court.

Non-Moving Violations

Non-moving violations are also known as “parking tickets.” You usually aren’t even in your car if you receive a ticket of this sort. Reasons you might get a parking ticket include parking in a restricted area or not paying meter fees. These tickets may or may not appear on your driving record, but you should still take them to court. Otherwise, your license might get suspended or a warrant may be placed for your arrest.

Red Light Camera Tickets

The third type of ticket drivers commonly receive is the notorious red-light camera ticket. These automated cameras are attached to traffic lights and take a snapshot of your license plate when you run a light or go over the speed limit. These tickets don’t appear on your record, but you’re expected to pay a fee. If you receive a red light camera ticket, you should contest the ticket. Soon, red light cameras will be banned in most Texas counties. Before then, you have a good chance of getting this fine thrown out.

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