The Serious Effects Not Signaling

The Serious Effects of Not Signaling

As a driver, do you know The Serious Effects of Not Signaling? Some might say anger, frustration, and aggravation; However, there are more severe consequences for this illegal action.  For example, an unexpected crash is possible to a driver not correctly using their turn signal. Following all driving laws, including correcting signaling, can save time, money, and lives. As frequent at this offense happens, it is important for all drivers the laws relating to signaling and the repercussions if they fail to follow the law.

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The Law

According to Texas Law, an operator shall use the signal to indicate an intention to turn, change lanes, or start from a parked position. An operator intending to turn a vehicle right or left shall signal continuously for no less than 100 feet of movement of the vehicle before the turn. Furthermore, individuals are legally required to signal before pulling over, pulling into traffic merging and parking. Turn signals are communication mechanisms used to notify other drivers about your intentions on the road. Without the turn signals, other drivers are unaware of any change you need to make in your traveling journey. As a result, a crash occurs. It is important for all drivers to follow all laws when driving.

The Offense and Penalties

Many drivers do not think about the overall picture of the importance of using turn signals.  Aside from causing overall frustration and aggravation, about two million accidents occur a year due to a driver failing to use their signal. The most common accident caused by failing to use turn signals is sideswiping. Failure to signal can result in a fine of $180. If an accident is caused due a driver not signaling, that driver will receive a fine $270 in addition to the $180 Failure to Signal fine. Moreover, repeat violators risk the chance of suspension of their license.  Although one may see this as a minor offense, authorities are viewing it a serious offense because of the damage it causes on a daily basis.  Nevertheless, if all drivers follow the laws of the road, traveling could possibly become an even safer activity.

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