The Importance of Child Car Seats

The Importance of Child Car Seats

The safety of our children is essential; Therefore, The Importance of Child Car Seats is imperative to know as we are traveling on the Texas roads. Child safety seats reduce the risks of injuries and deaths in car accidents. Ultimately, we should strive to prevent an unfortunate event such as car crashes from turning into a traumatic event such as the death of an innocent child.

The Facts

Did you know car crashes are the number one killer of children? In 2016, 128,00 children who were 12 years old or younger suffered from injuries, and  723 children died in vehicle crashes. Additionally, 35% of the children who died in these crashes were not buckled up in the proper car seat. Almost 36% of car seats and booster seats are misused or improperly installed where their effectiveness is vitally diminished. On the other hand, properly installed car seats reduce the risk of injury or death by approximately 82%. There are numerous workshops and training sessions in the state to educate parents about the importance of not only using safety seats but correctly using safety seats for the little ones.

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The Importance of Child Car Seats

According to the Department of Public Safety, there are four stages car seats each child should experience. They also recommend children to stay in each step as long as possible for maximum protection. Here is some information about all four phases:

  • 1st Phase – Rear-Facing Seats: This phase is recommended for all children from infant to two years old. It is vital for parents to install rear facing car seats according to the seat manufacture manual or to attend a training class that teaches the proper seat installation.
  • 2nd Phase – Forward-Facing Seats: Children can graduate to this phase at the minimum age of two. Never turn a child’s safety seat to the front until he or she meets the age, height, and weight requirements. These requirements are usually reached around the age of four.
  • 3rd Phase – Booster Seats: This phase is recommended for children who are either four years old or older or forty plus pounds.  The adult lap and shoulder belt must accompany the booster seat. Children can commonly utilize this seat until the age of 10.
  • 4th Phase – Adult Safety Belt: This phase is recommended for children who are now old and mature enough to solely use seat belts. Children usually reach this phase as early as ten years old.

For more information about child car safety for children in Texas, please visit the Department Of Public Safety’s official website here.

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