The Importance of Properly Using the Car Pool Lane

The Importance of Properly Using the Carpool Lane

Are you aware of The Importance of Properly Using the Car Pool Lane? Many people see these lanes while sitting in traffic but do not understand the proper way to utilize them or they can benefit them. Kelly McMahan Law would like to educate you on the topic of carpool lanes.

What are Carpool Lanes?

Texas has approximately 175 miles of carpool lanes throughout the state’s largest freeways. They are the farthest left lane next to the oncoming traffic. These lanes are either marked by signs located on the left side of the freeway or above the carpool lane. The signs will either acknowledge the road is a carpool or High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane or only display a diamond on the path. These lanes of the freeway are only accessible to cars with two or more commuters. In addition, they are mostly open during traffic peak hours in efforts to decrease time drivers spend in traffic. Peak traffic times are during rush hours on the weekdays. In some counties, these return to generall all-access lanes during non-peak traffic hours. Make sure to check your local laws before driving in the carpooling lanes.

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The Offense and Penalties

As the second most populous state in America, many Texans commute together and take advantage of the various carpool lanes. Since these lanes require a certain amount of riders, these lanes are far less congested than the rest of the freeway. However, this also makes it quite tempting for a single occupant vehicle to drive in these lanes to avoid the beast of traffic. As understanding as this logic is, it is still against the law. The minimum consequence for a carpool lane violation is a $300 fine. Repeat offenders will receive more substantial fines and possible suspension of their license. Drivers who use mannequins, dummies or any other item to mislead police rick collecting more bigger first penalty and possible jail time. All in all, when the carpooling lanes are appropriately used, they can save the state’s citizens time, money, and the hassle of sitting in traffic.

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