The Lifesaving Tool Seat Belt

The Lifesaving Tool Seat Belt

Sometime, people might forget about The Lifesaving Tool Seat Belt when riding or driving in a vehicle. However, this bad habit can cost a lot of money, time, pain, and even worst, your life. It is against the law for any adult or child under the age of eight not to wear the proper safety belts, or seat belts, in a vehicle. At Kelly McMahan Law, we want to encourage everyone to use seat belts not only because it’s the law, but also because it can save your life.

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The Importance of Buckling Up

Using seat belts are the best way to minimize the chances of a severe injury or death in a crash. For example, passengers who do not wear a seat belt are thirty times more likely to be eject from a vehicle if its involved in a collision. Seat belts cut the risk of a severe injury during a crash by 50% and reduce the risk of death in an accident by 45%. During only one year, 33,000 people were killed, and 2.2 million were injured because they were not wearing their seat belt and were involved in a vehicle crash. May is the Seat Belt Safety Awareness Month. In this month, people are educated on the seat belt laws and the benefits of using them. Ultimately, the goal is to be as safe as you possibly can while traveling through the great state of Texas.

The Offense and Penalties

The use of seat belts is now required as of 2009. This requirement is for all passengers in the front and the back seats of the vehicle. In addition to this law, any children younger than the age of eight or shorter than four feet must ride in a child safety seat. Individuals who are riding or driving without a seat belt may face a fine up to $200.00. Also, the parents of any child who’s improperly secured in a child safety seat face a minimum penalty of $250.00. In 2016, seat belt use in vehicles saved approximately 14,668 lives. This statistic proves how more people understand the personal and legal consequences of not wearing seatbelts in a car. For more information about seat belt laws, visit the Click It or Ticket website here.

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Remember, seat belts are there for your safety and police are there to make sure you remain safe. However, we understand how people can inadvertently break this law. Our firm will treat you with respect as well as fight for the best outcome of your case. Furthermore, we are capable of presenting your case effectively to a judge or a jury. For more information about our services, contact us at 512,843.2889 or visit our website here.