The Seriousness of Traffic Warrants

It is common for people to forget old traffic tickets. Maybe you forget a speeding or parking ticket a few years back. It is also possible you did not pay the ticket on time. In some cases, your driver’s license will become suspended or invalid, which causes problems later.

Austin TX Drivers License Attorney

Austin TX Drivers License Attorney

When you receive a traffic ticket, it could be for a number of reasons. You could have been speeding, parked in the wrong place, changed lanes without a turn signal, or some other minor traffic violation. Regardless, you will most likely be issued a ticket in which you have two options on how to handle it.

The first way you can handle the ticket is merely paying the fee. Class c violation fees never surpass $500. However, that is a lot of money for some people, so it can affect them financially. The next option is fighting the ticket.

You are able to contest a ticket if you believe you did not perform a wrongful action that the officer believed you to perform. This requires going to court, and most people represent themselves. However, you can hire a lawyer that will help you fight the ticket. Tickets can be severe on their own, especially later on in life.

A Traffic Warrant is Issued

As aforementioned, if you do not pay your ticket in time or you do not show up in court, a warrant for your arrest could be issued. This is not guaranteed, but it is common. Traffic warrants are not severe, but they can cause problems later on in your career.

Police will be able to arrest you for your warrant on the spot. The warrant for your arrest will also show up in background checks for job opportunities. Depending on the business, they may deny you employment because of your record. That is why you must hire a lawyer that can help you with your traffic tickets or warrant.

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