Traffic Record Resources

If you are caught in the midst of a potential traffic-related issue, there are several resources to help you navigate this. Legal matters can be complicated. You may not know where to check in on the state of your driving eligibility, for example. Or, you have no idea how much you owe in traffic tickets and where to pay them. If you have searched for these resources on the internet, you may have been led astray by various articles and unhelpful blog posts. In this post, you will find all of the traffic record resources you need.

Check On Your Driving Eligibility

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Are you eligible to drive?

Have you previously lost your driving privileges or been ineligible for a license? You can check the status of this and pay necessary reinstatement fees at this link. In the case you had your license stripped, this site is necessary to visit. Get yourself back on the road as soon as possible!

Curious About Your Driving Record?

You can have your Texas driving record downloaded and printed by visiting this link. They do not mail to your home, so you will have to find a printer. There is a charge associated with it that goes toward the state.

Keeping Track of Your Unpaid Tickets

Do you have one or multiple traffic tickets? You may not remember how many or how much each of them will cost you. In this database, you will be shown the contact information for each court you have to call and make a payment to. You may have to make multiple calls if each ticket is in a different court. In order to use this service, go here.

Driver Responsibility Surcharge Payments

If you have accumulated surcharges from the DPS due to points and convictions, you can pay for those charges online. This way, you do not have to leave your home or otherwise disrupt your day to rid yourself of the charges. The starting page is here. It will tell you what other information you need to proceed and all the details you require to move on.

We Hope This Helped!

Each of those links was made for the sole purpose of assisting you. We hope that we could help you during this stressful time. We know how easy it is to become disorganized and frustrated with all of the required processes. You should also hire a lawyer to aid you during this time. A lawyer will be able to contest any charges against you and possibly be able to persuade the judge to wave certain fees. Legal assistance will always be worth it.

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