Traffic Ticket Myths Debunked

There is a slew of traffic ticket concepts drivers seem to pass on to one another. However, these concepts are merely myths and should be recognized. Drivers can rest easy on the road. The last thing anyone wants is to make a mistake because of a silly myth.

So, the following myths will be debunked in order to save drivers worry. Furthermore, each of these myths will help prevent the situation from getting worse. In some cases, drivers will keep from paying a ticket or going to court. These actions are not advised, and if drivers wish to contest their ticket, get in touch with Kelly McMahan Law today.

Two Traffic Ticket Myths

A common myth is that you cannot successfully fight a traffic ticket. This statement is false because you can very much win a traffic ticket hearing. There are times when a traffic ticket is wrongfully issued. If you feel this way, then you can appear in court on the day of the issued ticket.

Kelly McMahan Law is a professional when it comes to Austin traffic tickets. It is possible that a police officer has issued a ticket and made a mistake. If you believe that is the case, then give Kelly McMahan a call today. She will work closely with clients in order to get the full story and find the right angle to win the case.

Most people are at a disadvantage when it comes to defending themselves in court. For this reason, an Austin traffic ticket lawyer would benefit greatly.

Another myth that is passed around to drivers is associated with the attendance of the police officer in court. The myth states, “a contested ticket will be dropped if the police officer does not appear in court.” Debunking this myth has more of a grey area than the previous one.

Most importantly, a police officer not appearing in court is not a common occurrence. That said, if it does happen, you are not off the hook yet. The judge will move the court date to the police officers next date. If the officer does not show during the second court date, your ticket may be dismissed.

Contest Your Traffic Ticket Today

If you do feel as if you have been wrongfully issued a ticket, then get in touch with Kelly McMahan Law. Clients can reach her office by calling (512) 843-2889. Be sure to visit the services page to find more about all the cases she can assist with.