Traffic Warrants Can Mean Trouble

If you have received a traffic ticket (or multiple), hiding it in your glovebox doesn’t mean it goes away. Traffic warrants can mean trouble. Left to its own devices, a traffic ticket will render your license invalid over time and could mean your arrest. The worst part is, you might not even know it’s coming. Let’s say you are at home with your family when suddenly, the police come knocking. They explain that there is a warrant out for your arrest due to traffic tickets. An arrest means you will have to appear in court, then both your legal fees and ticket fees will be due. Don’t let this happen to you. Confront the problem before it begins.

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Don’t forget about your tickets

Help! I Don’t Want to Be Arrested!

You don’t need to be. First of all, speak with an attorney if you think there is a warrant out for your arrest. You don’t want to be taken in without a lawyer at your side. Not sure if there is a warrant? You can call the county courthouse or sheriff’s department (in the county you received the ticket) and ask them. Make sure to provide your name, social security, and driver’s license number. They may ask you to pay the fines immediately after speaking to you or send a police officer to your home. An attorney is absolutely necessary in case this calls attention to you.

If your warrant is a bond warrant, you can go to the courthouse and pay your fine. Then, have your attorney call the court and have your warrant eliminated. This way, you can avoid having to turn yourself in.

In Case of Arrest

Don’t panic. We do understand. You are usually taken in from home or work, or during a police stop. This was probably a confusing, frightening, and embarrassing experience for you. Maybe you forgot about your court hearing or didn’t think it was essential you show up. This mistake is going to cost you, so it’s best you have an attorney prepared to come to your defense.

You will have to post a bail bond to ensure you don’t sit in jail, but your problems aren’t over. Now you will have to appear in court and explain to a judge why you missed your court date. The judge will make the difference between giving you a fine or jail time. While this is all occurring, you will be wishing you had an attorney at your side.

Some potential consequences to this mishap are getting a mark on your criminal record, having your license revoked, or receiving outlandish fines. You should be ready to defend yourself in any and all cases.

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