What are Class C Violations?

There are many levels of criminal offenses, and they all vary according to the state you are in. Class C violations or misdemeanors are the lowest form of criminal offenses. In the state of Texas, these violations do not have jail time attached to them, and their fees can reach up to $500.

For many, class C violations are no reason to get a lawyer over. The process typically consists of you paying the fee or attending a short court order. However, there are times when a lawyer is necessary. For example, you may feel some wrongdoing was performed when you were issued the class C violation, or maybe you were mistaken for performing the action that you were punished for.

Class C Traffic Violations

Most traffic tickets fall into class C violations.

Regardless, you do not have just to pay the fee and continue with life. There are some class c violations that can stick with people’s records, which prove to cause trouble later on in life. That is why calling Kelly McMahan Law is the best option when handling your class C violations. Now, you may be asking what a class C violation is?

Class C Violations

Ther are many different types of class C misdemeanors. Almost all traffic tickets qualify underneath this class. For example, speeding, parking, and running a stoplight are all traffic tickets in this class. Kelly McMahan covers class C traffic tickets along with many other misdemeanors.

The full list follows:

  • Minor Possession
  • Minor in Consumption
  • Open Container
  • No Seatbelt
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Class C Theft
  • Class C Possession
  • Assault
  • Most Traffic-Related Offenses

Class C misdemeanors are common and are the lowest form of illegal activity. That said, they can still cause problems with people’s records or careers. For example, a minor possession charge could greatly impact whether you land a job or not. These are serious issues that could come up in your life, so it is best to clear them from your record.

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