What are traffic warrants?

What are traffic warrants?

What are traffic warrants? A negative impact on your eligibility for school, work, and other programs is the result if you do not call McMahan Law and schedule a consultation today. You need to be effectively represented so that your record will not have these violations on them. It takes 5-7 years for these to drop off of your record and you cannot afford that.

The reasons that officers distribute citations are ever-more increasing. At first, you think you just pay a fine to get it over with, but these are consequences you do not want to deal with. Each speeding ticket or moving violation means more points on your driver’s license. With enough points on your driver’s license, your driving privilege can be revoked. The cost of insurance with each citation will go up and stay increased for five years. The only option is to pay for expensive driver’s education courses that can take up to an entire twenty-four hours to complete which again, is more time and money.

Driver’s License Point System

0 points – seatbelt violation or speeding fewer than 10 miles over the speed limit

2 points – moving violation conviction

3 points – moving violation conviction that resulted in an accident

CDL licenses are how you make a living and to have these types of licenses at risk can cost you your job. Eligibility for this type of license is an absolute necessity for work for some. If you are new to Texas, you will still to apply for a Texas-issued license. Navigating the process for a license is a must in order to maintain hours a work or to make progress in your projects at home.  You do not want to put this specialized license at risk.

Class C Misdemeanors

If you have a case number assigned to a municipal court or with the Justice of the Peace, then it is classified as a Class C misdemeanor. This type of classification is generally for traffic tickets or various moving violations that you might need an attorney for.  Other offenses such as DWIL (driving while license invalid), DUI minor, assault, theft, possession of drug paraphernalia or public intoxication all need an attorney. These are charges worth fighting. It is not worth it, and we can help you avoid What are traffic warrants?

Traffic Ticket Attorney Austin

Attorney Traffic Ticket Austin

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What are traffic warrants? If you live within the (8) counties that make up Austin, Texas, you most likely have a note in the system telling officers you have not taken care of a ticket. Depending on what county you live in they may or may not contact you by mail. It is better to have representation for a lost ticket. You do not want to waste time and money trying to do this yourself.

Many of us have experienced being issued a ticket and just putting it in the glovebox or the center console of our vehicle and forgetting about it.  This might have happened multiple times. Unfortunately, tickets that are not dealt with in a timely manner could result in severe consequences. Enough tickets or even one ticket that is forgotten over and could result in an invalid driver’s license. Check here to make sure you are eligible to drive.

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It is a common misconception that a traffic ticket is final and that the officer issuing the citation is always right. The point system alone is reason enough to have representation so that you do not lose the privilege to drive whether it is for personal use or for work.

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