Stuck With Drug Paraphernalia Charges?

Have you been stuck with drug paraphernalia charges?? In that case, you may not even know what that means. The statement is very vague and in fact, covers many different objects which may have other uses. This charge may seem a little strange because it means you were not actually caught carrying drugs, but rather, objects associated with the use of drugs.

There are many objects that could be considered drug paraphernalia. Let’s take a minute to talk about those and how you can contest this charge in court with the help of Kelly McHanan Law.

Objects That Can Count As Drug Paraphernalia

What could count as drug paraphernalia?

Some of these objects are more obvious than others. Keep in mind, this is not a complete list. Drug paraphernalia has a lot of possible guidelines it could fall under. Almost anything that could be potentially used to grow, pack, sell, or use drugs can be determined drug paraphernalia. Here are some more obvious examples.

  • Rolling papers (usually used for marijuana, but can also be used for tobacco)
  • Bong (this one is definitely obvious)
  • Roach clips (objects used to roll joints)
  • Needles (which also have a thousand uses)
  • Surgical masks (you could just be a nurse)
  • Hookah pipes (keep in mind that hookah is totally legal)

As you can see, many of these objects are directly associated with drug use, and a couple of others are somewhat related. For example, needles are used for heroin use, but millions of people keep needles at home for the administration of their prescribed medicine or hormone treatment. Surgical masks are used while cooking certain types of substances, but they are also commonly used for cleaning and illness prevention. Furthermore, smoking hookah is completely legal if you are over 18. The more uses these objects have, the better you can defend yourself.

There are some less obvious and somewhat comical objects which can be considered drug paraphernalia, such as:

  • Pacifiers
  • Spoons
  • Hollowed out fruit
  • Balloons
  • Tubes of glue

If you were charged with drug paraphernalia for any of the above, you should definitely contest it. There are several normal reasons you could have any of the above and to imply otherwise is a bit, well, hilarious.

What Should You Do Next?

We understand you may be stressed, especially since a charge like this will go on your record. You deserve a competent defense to shed these silly charges. She will be able to make the prosecutor prove that you were using the object for an unlawful purpose. If you were not, then you do not have anything to worry about. Surely, no one should be convicted for leaving spoons in their car or for having tubes of glue on hand.

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