What you are facing with traffic tickets

What you are facing with traffic tickets

Do you currently have many traffic tickets and now you are wondering what you are facing with traffic tickets? Maybe you think you have too many traffic tickets and now you are facing bigger consequences because of this. Perhaps you have racked up too many speeding tickets that you have not paid. And now you are facing possible jail time and hefty fines. Receiving a traffic ticket is something that you should not throw away and in fact, needs to be taken seriously. If you ignore many traffic tickets it can have a negative effect on your life.

When you are facing a traffic ticket you are facing costly fines, annual surcharges, suspension or even your driver’s license being revoked from you. An attorney that has experience handling traffic tickets is just what you need to help. Here at Kelly McMahan Law, we specialize in traffic ticket law. When you contact our firm, we will review your circumstances, explain the options you have, and negotiate the charges or best case scenario have them eliminated from your record.

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Are you someone that has many speeding tickets? Perhaps you do not know how to handle this situation and you are in need of an attorney to help you. Did you know that having multiple speeding tickets will increase your insurance rates? It is important to know that the general rule of thumb is that with each speeding ticket you get. It adds a point against your license. As a result, the more points you have against you, the higher your rate will be, and some insurance companies will not even insure you at a certain point.

Have you found yourself facing a traffic ticket because you parked in an area you were not supposed to? Parking in a fire lane or handicapped spot can lead to costly fines of upwards of $2000. Perhaps you believe the handicapped spot was not marked properly. If so and you are ready to fight this ticket. 

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Are you thinking that traffic tickets are not a big deal and you do not need to hire an attorney to help you? If so, you are not alone. But we are here to tell you that hiring a traffic ticket attorney is advisable. When you have a traffic ticket violation, you are facing an increase in your auto insurance, costly fines, the suspension on your license, and possible jail time. These are consequences that no one wants to deal with. Which is why the professionals at Kelly McMahan Law are here to help you navigate this difficult and confusing time. Call KellyMcMahan Law Today 512-843-2889 or visit our website

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