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How to Handle a Traffic Warrant

Getting a ticket is never easy. The stress of being pulled over is enough for anyone,

How Serious are Class C Misdemeanors?

There are many different levels of crimes, but the lowest kind are known as class C

Class C Misdemeanors in Texas

Kelly Mcmahan is an Austin traffic court lawyer who also specializes in class C misdemeanors. Kelly

Classification and Penalties of Theft

Kelly McMahan helps people with more than just traffic ticket violations. She can help with any

What is Disorderly Conduct?

Kelly McMahan may focus on Austin traffic ticket cases, but there are many other types of

Minor in Possession Cases

A charge of minor in possession is also known as an MIP. This type of illegal

The Process of Obtaining an Occupational Driver’s License

An occupational driver’s license is for people who have been denied, revoked, or suspended license and

What to Expect in Traffic Court

There are two ways to handle a traffic ticket. You can either pay the fine or

The Seriousness of Traffic Warrants

It is common for people to forget old traffic tickets. Maybe you forget a speeding or

What are Class C Violations?

There are many levels of criminal offenses, and they all vary according to the state you